Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Speech - Launch of the Grid Innovation Zone (GIZ), National University of Singapore

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Speech - Launch of the Grid Innovation Zone (GIZ), National University of Singapore
Singapore, 18 March 2004

Good afternoon,
Ms Patricia Yim, Managing Director, IBM Singapore
Dr N Varaprasad, Deputy President, NUS
Mr Lai Yit Loong, Singapore Country Manager & Director of South East Asia, Intel


1. I am very happy to be here this afternoon.

2. In September 2002, I was present at the birth of the Web Services Innovation Zone (WIZ) and Linux Integration Zone (LIZ) under IBM's Open Computing Centre (OCC) initiative. I understand that Patricia will talk a little about the success of the OCC later. I am quite sure she would tell us how LIZ and WIZ have contributed to "BIZ" in the Infocomm scene in Singapore.

3. It looks like the "IZ" fever has struck, and IBM is on to the third "IZ" piece today. This time, it is the third component of the OCC - the Grid Innovation Zone (GIZ).

Grid Computing - Unlocking its Value

4. The search for yet better solutions to meet business problems is an unending one. Technological innovation is certainly one important part of this search. Technology, when wisely combined with the right business processes and models, provides the solutions that businesses need.

5. The promise of Grid Computing where scalable resources can be shared and consumed as and when required is indeed exciting. It promises cost savings, improved productivity as well as instantaneous access to compute data resources. For the CFOs of this world, Grid Computing also holds out the promise of better utilisation of existing capital investments. According to IDC, annual spending on utility computing products will hit US$2 billion this year, double from last year's spending of US$1billion. And this spending is expected to increase to US$4.6billion by year 20071.

6. Last October, through the facilitation of our partner IBM, I visited Threshold Entertainment, a US digital animation and visual effects production studio. I was shown how the company was able to use IBM's On-Demand technology to scale up its usage of computing resources when required, for example, when producing animation and effects for a new full-length animated movie. I am afraid I shall not divulge the title of this new movie or its contents.

7. Many industries and companies can benefit from Grid computing-based technologies and business models. As grid moves from the research and education community to the commercial world, the technology needs to be tested thoroughly and new business models tried out.

8. Reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the Infocomm industry, there are different ways of reaching the same goal. Leading IT companies have all invested heavily, sometimes on their own and sometimes in collaboration with other leaders, to come up with solutions that work in the marketplace.

9. As an industry development agency, IDA is therefore keen to develop capabilities in this emerging field with partners who are leaders in the different areas. While we cannot predict which solution or company or model will succeed, we are committed to ensuring that new ideas have a chance to be tried out in Singapore, by Singapore users, and that Singapore-based Infocomm professionals can have an early start to pick up new skills and expertise.

GIZ - The Third Innovation Zone

10. IDA is therefore happy to support the efforts of IBM, Intel and NUS in the establishment of the GIZ.

11. GIZ is a competency centre which will build competency in Grid Computing technologies in the industry, and establish proof of market for the technology. We believe that GIZ will contribute significantly in our efforts to jumpstart the commercialisation of Grid Computing. Some of the activities by planned by the GIZ include pilot project implementations, ISV enablement, training and seminars as well as showcasing of commercially beneficial solutions.


12. I wish to commend IBM for its continued investments in capability and market development in Singapore. The GIZ is only a first step in the field of Grid Computing. I look forward to more collaborative projects with IBM in this area.

13. It is through collaborative efforts with industry partners that we will further strengthen Singapore's position as a Digital Living Lab for Infocomm.

14. Thank you.


1 "IDC bullish on utility computing spending", CNET, 14 January 2004.

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