15 July 2008 - Remarks By RADM(NS) Ronnie Tay, Chief Executive Officer, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, At The 3DX Press Conference Of The Pre-Screening Of "Fly Me To The Moon", GVMax Vivo City

Remarks By RADM(NS) Ronnie Tay, Chief Executive Officer, IDA Singapore, At The 3DX Press Conference Of The Pre-Screening Of "Fly Me To The Moon", GVMax Vivo City, 15 July 2008, 2:25pm

1. Good afternoon, members of the media, partners, ladies and gentlemen. First and foremost, I would like to say that IDA is very excited to be part of the 3DX festival as it brings a whole new cinematic experience to movie goers.

2. Singapore took her first step to develop the Digital Cinema Industry in Singapore, with the launch of one of the world's first 2k cineplexes in 2004. Today, movie goers are able to enjoy digital 2D movies in more than 25 digital cinema screens in Singapore, as part of our efforts to grow the digital cinema industry here.

3. Digital technology has now enabled the start of a new era for 3D cinema. Unlike the traditional 35mm films, the digital 3D technology delivers a more realistic and highly immersive cinematic experience. You will feel part of the movie scene, and want to try and reach out to objects that seem to 'pop-out' at you. This dynamic form of movie entertainment engages the audience in something much richer and more compelling than what we are seeing today in the movie theatre.

3DX Infrastructure Enabled by IDA and Technicolor

4. In December 2007, as part of our continuing efforts to develop the Digital Cinema Industry here in Singapore, Thomson, through its Technicolor Digital Cinema business, and with the support of the IDA, announced plans to construct an efficient and secure digital cinema hub and Network Operations Centre in Singapore. This includes offering digital cinema service and related management solution capabilities to the motion picture industry for the Singaporean territory and other Asia-Pacific regions.

5. It is through this strategic partnership that we are able to bring in the necessary digital cinema infrastructure, technical and content management expertise for 3DX. With this, movie goers will be able to enjoy the 3D immersive cinematic experience.

More Digital Movies Ahead

6. Beyond 3DX, IDA will continue to work with the Digital Cinema Industry players to develop capabilities in processing, managing and distributing digital cinematic content.

7. This is in line with our efforts to grow the Digital Media and Entertainment sector and develop a global Digital Marketplace in Singapore. The Digital Marketplace initiative seeks to foster a conducive environment, with the necessary capabilities and services to enable businesses to hub, manage, trade and distribute digital media assets including digital cinematic content through and from Singapore. This is part of the iN2015 masterplan to develop Singapore into an intelligent nation, global city powered by infocomm.

8. We in Singapore can look forward to an exciting line-up of digital movies as we continue to work with Technicolor, movie distributors and local exhibitors to bring a wider variety of content offerings to the cinema screens.

9. Have fun watching the screening of the 3D movie this afternoon!

10. Thank you.

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