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Published on: 11 May 2017


Announced at IMDA’s inaugural SMEs Go Digital Industry Briefing, fifty digital solutions for SMEs are now pre-approved for SMEs to choose from, providing reliable and proven tech and services.

SINGAPORE – 11 May, 2017: What does it take for SME businesses to automate and streamline operations? How can they gain deep insights into in store behavior and improve sales? How do SMEs ease their entry into new markets?

These opportunities and more are within reach of Singapore’s SMEs through the use of digital technologies. Today, fifty digital solutions for SMEs were recognized in IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital Programme, increasing SMEs’ access to new technology. Announced at IMDA’s inaugural SMEs Go Digital Industry Briefing, these solutions are now pre-approved for SMEs to choose from, providing reliable and proven tech and services. SMEs Go Digital programme, launched in April 2017, sets to provide an all-rounded support to help SMEs.

The pre-approval process for the proven digital tech solutions aims to raise SMEs’ digital readiness. The criteria centres on functionalities meeting SMEs’ requirements, solutions’ ease of use, pricing affordability and ICM suppliers’ capability and capacity. Moving forward, beyond typical requirements to enhance productivity and drive transformation, digital capabilities such as cybersecurity, data protection, data analytics and inter-operability will be considered in pre-approved solutions, which would better enable SMEs to thrive in the digital economy.

One such solution that helps local food suppliers to move into the China market is veriHUB, a cloud-based application developed by veriTAG. This one-stop solution offers services from supplier/product registration to shipment and custom clearance. The pre-approved digital solution has enabled SME food supplier, Cheng Yew Heng, to readily export its sugar products to China, by using cloud-based tagging and authentication technology to comply with the country’s food import regulation. Together with the inventory tracking feature and links to the country’s major e-commerce hubs, the company was able to achieve 200% more exports to China due to a faster turnaround in the exporting process.

Gaining a good insight to a customer’s buying journey and in-store behavior has never been easier with PRISM SkyLab. The pre-approved cloud-based video analytics system gives local retailer, Funded Pte Ltd company, a real-time view into the store’s traffic flow and customers’ interactions with the storefront’s layout and product placement. The new insights have allowed the company to better schedule its staff to reduce labour costs and optimise product placement to maximise sales.

Achieving operations efficiency and retaining sustainable sales are the collective pain-points that many Food and Beverage (F&B) SMEs face. Getz, the pre-approved mobile ordering and payment solution, empowers F&B merchants, such as Seafood Park, to automate and seamlessly control new sales channels, customers and costs through an integrated online and onsite approach. Their sales and payment reconciliation reports can be retrieved anytime and anywhere, and the digital payment operations in the store is secure and convenient for any staff to handle. The digital solution has enabled the SeafoodPark to realise 50% operation and financial cost savings and sales increment of 20%.

Payment-tn Car-diagnostic-tn Supply-chain-tn 
Through digital ordering and payment solutions pre-approved by IMDA, F&B merchants are able to improve operations efficiency and create a seamless customer experience.
With the world’s first hydrogen dry cleaning system, pre-approved by IMDA, car workshops can improve on diagnostic capabilities of automotive problems and achieve higher productivity in engine cleaning and car servicing. Providing food manufacturers with a direct one-stop gateway to China through a one-stop cloud-based application, pre-approved by IMDA, the solution enables full product traceability across supply chain assures authenticity of products.

“We believe every business needs to be a digital business to remain relevant and thrive in the future economy. As part of SMEs Go Digital programme, IMDA partners the infocomm industry to offer SMEs a list of pre-approved digital solutions that can be readily adopted to meet their business needs. These pre-approved solutions were identified with the help of relevant government agencies, and have been tried and tested by pilot SME users. We encourage SMEs to make full use of these digital solutions in their digitalization efforts.” said Mr Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive, IMDA.

“We are pleased to partner IMDA to support SMEs’ adoption of digital tech solutions that will help them capture new business opportunities and improve their productivity. These 50 digital tech solutions will be made available on the Tech Depot at the SME Portal. We encourage SMEs to contact the pre-approved vendors for their expertise in the areas of customer management, data analytics, machine effectiveness and more,” said Mr Poon Hong Yuen, Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore.

“The awarded ICM suppliers have displayed clear business appreciation and acumen in their respective industries. Their digital solutions have the potential to scale and are proven to be of value as tested by pilot users in various industry verticals from cleaning & security, food services, retail, wholesale trade to logistics sectors,” said Philip Heah, Senior Director (Infrastructure and SMEs).

Jason Lim, Chief Executive Officer of veriTAG, said, “This Industry Briefing is useful to ICM suppliers like us as it allows us to network with other ICM suppliers and perhaps even explore opportunities to collaborate and complement each other to deliver a more holistic digital solution for SMEs”.

As part of SMEs Go Digital programme, the Industry Briefing serves as a platform for ICM suppliers to keep abreast of business-sector developments, key technological trends and challenges faced by SMEs.

In addition to the announcement of the pre-approved digital solutions, the event also featured panel speakers from Government Agencies, such as IRAS and SPRING, as well as research and consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan. The industry briefing was attended by more than 400 ICM vendors and industry players.

ICM suppliers who are keen to have their digital solutions pre-approved under the SMEs Go Programme can visit: for more details.

For SMEs who are keen to adopt digital solutions, please contact the nearest SME Centres.

For SMEs that require solutions beyond these pre-approved solutions, a SME Digital Tech Hub will be set up towards the later part of the year to provide them with more tailored advice.

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