Dated: 16 February 2001

IN RESPONSE TO MEDIA QUERIES In response to concerns expressed over the portrayals of violence in media reports on the film Hannibal, FPD has reviewed and revised the rating of the film to NC-16 (No Children under 16).


The film was viewed by some members of the Film Advisory Panel* who unanimously felt that the film’s morbid theme together with its violent contents may be disturbing to some children who are allowed access to the film under a PG rating. However, it could be allowed under NC-16. Although the change in rating may inconvenient some public who had bought tickets for the sneak previews, FPD decided on the change in the interest of the movie-going public. FPD requested and the film distributor has agreed to alert the public of the film’s disturbing theme and contents as well as the change in rating at the cinemas. Enquiries on tickets can be made at the respective cinema box offices.


Films and Publications Department

Ministry of Information and The Arts

16 February 2001


* The Film Advisory Panel is a set-up to advise FPD on controversial materials. The panel comprises members drawn from a cross-section of society including educators, businessmen, lawyers and housewives.

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