Dated: 23 January 2002

The Malay Programmes Advisory Committee (Malay PAC) on Radio and Television Programmes today released its sixth annual report for the period 1 September 2000 to 31 December 2001. The Committee is chaired by Assoc Prof Yaacob Ibrahim, who was Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, during its term.

In the report, the Malay PAC emphasised the need to push on with efforts to raise the educational standards and skills level of the Malay community in tandem with the emphasis on a knowledge-based economy (KBE).

The Committee felt that TV and radio should play an important role in shaping the views and minds of the Malay community and called for the broadcasters to persevere in their efforts to constantly search for fresh programming ideas that will inform, educate and entertain the Malay community.

Other recommendations which the Malay PAC made include:

The Committee called for more research in current affairs and info-educational programmes on MediaCorp TV's Malay channel, SURIA. These would allow current affairs programmes to go beyond local concerns to reflect larger changes. SURIA was also encouraged to include more in-depth analysis in its news programmes.

The Committee expressed concern that the channel is focussing mainly on offering entertainment programmes, and stressed the need to have a fair balance between entertainment and info-educational programmes.

It was also observed that there is a gradual deterioration in the standard of the language used in Malay TV programmes. The Committee stressed that the level of the Malay language used on SURIA should be of acceptable standard as it is a medium that reaches the masses.

The Malay PAC shared its concern that children's programming on TV needs to be improved as they felt that these programmes should create an understanding of various topics such as life sciences.

On the whole, the Malay PAC was pleased with the quality of the locally-produced Malay info-educational programmes, like 100% Singapura, Sukarela (Volunteerism), and 647km2. Aside from featuring famous people and places in Singapore, the programmes highlighted ordinary people who are not normally in the limelight. The Committee also commended SURIA for extending the duration of the current affairs discussion programme, Akhir Kata (Last Words) to one hour monthly as this gives the Malay viewers a more informed perspective of what is happening around them.

The Malay PAC reiterated the need to introduce information fillers on KBE-related issues as these would help to equip the Malay community with the necessary skills and knowledge in preparing themselves for a technologically-oriented future.

The Malay PAC was impressed with the two Malay radio stations, WARNA and RIA, for their KBE-related programmes. However, the Committee encouraged the use of interstitials to go beyond IT and KBE issues, and include topics on banking, financial management and life sciences.

With reference to WARNA's listenership, the Committee encouraged WARNA to include more information in their morning shows to target Malay Professional, Managers, Executives and Businessmen (PMEBs).

The Malay PAC is appointed by the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts to make recommendations to the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) on ways to improve programming for the Malay community. The Committee is appointed for a two-year term to evaluate the content and quality of Malay radio and television programmes. The list of Malay PAC members is inAnnex A.



(1 SEP 2000 TO 31 DEC 2001)


Associate Professor Yaacob Ibrahim
Former Senior Parliamentary Secretary
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


Hj Maarof Salleh
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)

Mr Abdul Rahman Mohd Said
Managing Director
MAXINFO Communications Pte Ltd

Mr Bahren Hj Shaari
Swiss Bank Corporation

Dr Mohd Maliki Osman
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work and Psychology
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore

Ms Zubaidah Mohsen
Lending Services
National Library Board

Ms Azizah Aziz
Senior Officer
Singapore Productivity and Standards Board

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