Dated: 1 February 2002

The Singapore Film Commission (SFC), Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) and Raintree Picture Pte Ltd (RT) are pleased to announce a collaboration to co-finance and produce telemovies. The three parties are also very happy to announce Sony Singapore's involvement in this important development in the local production industry, which will foster synergy within the production community, create new opportunities and uncover new talents. A total of four, 90-minute English-language telemovies will be produced in the first year, and the three parties will invest up to S$150,000 for each production.

These telemovies will be shot using Sony's latest high definition (HD) CineAlta system and other advanced equipment, which are sponsored by Sony Singapore. The CineAlta system is the first complete HD production solution specifically created by Sony to meet the needs of motion picture, HDTV, television broadcasting, DVD, Internet, future e-cinema and all other electronic and digital distribution media.

The telemovies will then be edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro 3 and Power Mac G4. Final Cut Pro is the most powerful video editing solution in the industry, and with the leading edge Digital Voodoo High Definition card, will present the ideal solution for professional quality results.

The telemovies will be telecast on MediaCorp TV Channel 5 during prime time. Commissioned on a competitive basis, the telemovies provide promising local producers and directors with the opportunities to develop the skill of long-form story-telling. The process of pitching, scripting, pre-and-post production within the structure of producing a full-length feature for television will closely parallel the process of feature film-making and pave the way for the transition to movie-making for the big screen.

The telemovies will also be marketed overseas, to TV networks or the video markets. Should any of the telemovies be deemed suitable for theatrical release, there will be provision of resources for the transfer to 35mm and marketing at the cinema circuits.

Dr Ismail Sudderuddin, Director, Singapore Film Commission said, "SFC is very excited to work with SBA and Raintree Pictures on this mutually beneficial initiative, which will provide film-makers with opportunities to gain invaluable feature film production experience in a relatively lower risk environment and at a lower cost. This synergy of activities between television production and feature film-making will allow a flow of talent within the two industries and will also build production volume in Singapore. The SFC hopes that this will mark a good start to a long-term partnership with the broadcasting industry, where with SFC's and SBA's combined resources, we can develop Singapore into a media hub in the region".

Mr Koh Tin Fook, Deputy CEO, and Director for Industry Development, SBA, said, "SBA looks forward to working with the Singapore Film Commission and Raintree Pictures to produce telemovies for TV. This initiative offers local talents in both the film and TV industry an established avenue to showcase their ideas, creativity and expertise. Local TV viewers will also benefit directly, as they will be able to see first-run made-for-TV movies in the comfort of their homes. It adds choice and variety to local TV, apart from giving a boost to the production and distribution industry."

Mr Daniel Yun, CEO, Raintree Pictures said, "TV programmes and feature films are from distinct yet related industries. This telemovie project is a 'fusion', providing a very visible platform to showcase both the similarities and the differences of the two medium, while endorsing the encouragement of local talents to experiment. The local movie industry desperately needs the volume of output to expand its pool of talents and establish the required infrastructure for production and post production. Without the burden of box office success and with an environment closer to feature film-making than producing short films on 16 or 35mm, we hope to uncover the new Erics, Jacks, Glens and Cheeks. This project should hopefully also demonstrate the art of good story-telling without the need for big budgets or expensive special effects. So, this is a call to those with a script, or an idea, to take a step closer to their cherished dream of making a movie."

Mr Tay Kok Choon, General Manager for Broadcast and Professional Products Division, Sony Singapore said, "Sony is glad to be given the opportunity to participate in this initiative to boost the local film and TV industry. Using Sony's CineAlta equipment, we are able to empower the team with state-of-the-art technology in film-making, bringing about significant benefits such as reducing production costs by 70% (compared to conventional film making), shortening total production time and also greater convenience to movie makers. By simulating the convergence of motion picture film and digital high definition production on a global basis, it will help Singapore to develop into a regional media hub with a high degree of technology sophistication, supported by excellent talents."

"We are thrilled that Apple's Power Mac G4 with Final Cut Pro 3 software has been chosen as the video editing solution for the groundbreaking project," Mr Phil Hickey, Director, Professional Markets, Apple Asia Pacific.

Ms Sandy Chng, Channel Manager, Digital Voodoo said, "We are delighted to be involved in this collaboration as it will enable some of Singapore's best up-and-coming creative talent an opportunity to produce world-class telemovies, both technically and creatively. The Digital Voodoo High Definition solution, will give these creative artists the very best quality using uncompressed 10-bit High Definition video."

All aspiring local television and film production companies and, independent filmmakers are invited to submit their initial story proposals or full-length screenplays for the telemovies to SFC. Four entries with the best potential will be picked from all applications. The criteria for short-listing of the telemovies are :

- originality and quality of screenplay
- production budget
- track record/potential of the director, producer and writer
- track record of the television and film production company (if any)

The closing date for entries is Saturday, 30 March 2002. Information and application forms are available from the SFC office and via their website at Entries may be sent to the following address :

Singapore Film Commission
140 Hill Street
#05-01 MITA Building
Singapore 179369


For more information, please contact :

Wong Wai Leng (Ms)
Singapore Film Commission
Tel : 837 9892
Fax : 837 9590
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Keh Li Ling (Ms)
Singapore Broadcasting Authority
Tel : 837 9756
Fax : 336 1170
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Titus Ho (Mr)
Raintree Pictures
Tel : 357 5633
Fax : 251 1916
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Tan Lai Heng (Mr)
Broadcast and Professional Products Division
Sony Singapore (A division company of Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd)
Tel : 470 1103
Fax : 470 1216
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Liana Teo (Ms)
MDK Consultants for Apple Computer
Tel : 323 0355
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Sandy Chng (Ms)
Channel Manager
Digital Voodoo
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Fax : 327 2459
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