Dated: 12 December 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) has commissioned Botanic Magic, a one-hour documentary on MediaCorp TV12's Arts Central.

Botanic Magic

The Botanic Gardens is a living monument - a natural treasure which reflects the rich diversity of tropical flora. Botanic Magic traces the Singapore Botanic Gardens' growth into an international tourist icon and a modern botanic institute, renowned for its research and conservation efforts. The document explores the Gardens' role in providing seedlings for the region's rubber industry in the early 20th century and examines its contributions to Singapore's Garden City Campaign.


Botanic Magic is jointly funded by the Singapore Broadcasting Authority and Presto TV, the television arm of Hotel Properties Limited. The documentary is produced by local production house Film Formations Pte Ltd. It will be shown on Arts Central's Earthvisions belt on Friday, 13 December 2002, at 9pm.

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