Dated: 9 April 2003

The Media Development Authority (MDA) has commissioned a seven-part children's series Engal Kaalam (It's Our Era!) on Vasantham Central in which children from different parts of the world express their concerns and share their experiences with each other.

Every week, four young hosts from the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore will present interesting and thought-provoking topics in a fresh, fun manner. Kids in these countries talk of their experiences in school and home, as well as their interests and hobbies. Young viewers will get to learn that their peers in other countries also share similar problems and concerns like conserving the environment, effects of technology, importance of racial harmony, challenges to learning a language, among others.

Produced by Verite Productions Pte Ltd, Engal Kaalam (It's Our Era!) is commissioned at a cost of $140,000, and will be aired on Vasantham Central beginning Sunday 13 April at 7pm.

Last updated on: 13 Mar 2023