Dated: 2 April 2003

The Media Development Authority (MDA) has commissioned a four-part documentary series entitled The Changing Face of Rivers, which introduces viewers to the rich history behind the two main rivers in Singapore - the Singapore River and Kallang River. Using a first-person narrative, the rivers will relate stories of their colorful past, the present, and what the future holds.

The first three episodes will focus on the Singapore River - one of the oldest rivers in Singapore. Travelling back in time, viewers get to experience the bustling trading activities along the River and listen to first-hand accounts from people whose livelihood depended on the river. Viewers will also learn about the historical significance behind the various bridges, buildings and sculptures along the river. The last episode tells the story of the Kallang River which played an equally important role in Singapore's social history and economy.

Ms Amy Chua, MDA's Director of Media Content Division said, "The Changing Face of Rivers reflects the economic and social history of Singapore seen through the history of the Singapore and Kallang Rivers. Through the series we hope that viewers will know more about our rivers and their rich heritage."

The series is produced by MediaCorp TV at a cost of $88,000. Mr Khiew Voon Kwang, Vice-President of MediaCorp TV Programming and Promotions said, "It is an interesting series which brings the viewers to the good old days when Singapore River and Kallang played a vibrant role in the economic and cultural lifeline of Singapore."

The Changing Face of Rivers will make its debut on 5 April 2003, and shown on every Saturday from 7pm to 7.30pm on MediaCorp's Channel 8 until 26 April 2003.

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