Dated: 9 June 2004

Robert Bosch (SEA), MediaCorp Radio, and the Media Development Authority (MDA) today announced plans to offer digital radio to Singapore households, with a forthcoming road show to drum up the new digital beat.

Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) technology or digital radio is the most fundamental advancement in radio technology since the introduction of FM Stereo radio in the United States in 1961.

Mr Walter Eisenhardt, President of Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd said: "If you enjoy listening to radio, Digital Radio will bring your listening pleasure to a totally new level. Digital radio puts an end to your frustration caused by the constant crackle and distortions that you experience when listening to your favourite FM station. Digital Radio produces CD quality sound with low-interference noise-to-signal ratio that eliminates the usual hiss, crackle or fade."

Digital radio also supports data services. So if one should forget the name of the song title or artists, the information will be automatically scrolled on a listener's digital radio LCD. Information such as traffic and weather reports can also be displayed by the scrolling text. Digital radio allows distortion-free transmission of text and images. The novel features enrich the listener's sensory experience, by providing both superlative aural entertainment backed-up by the visual stream of useful textual information.

As part of this initiative, Robert Bosch (SEA), will introduce PURE-Digital DAB products, the first range of affordable DAB equipment for household use in Singapore. The company has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute a range of PURE-Digital radio products for immediate use in all households here, without the need for a new antenna or additional equipment. The PURE-Digital range of digital products comprises portable digital radios, a digital micro system, a personal digital radio and a series of digital hi-fi tuners.

"We are proud to be working with MediaCorp Radio and MDA in bringing digital radio to Singapore homes for the first time. Being the market leader for DAB Car Receivers in Singapore with the Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB 52 and Woodstock DAB 53, Robert Bosch (SEA) is now Singapore's only total DAB solution provider," said Mr Eisenhardt.

The PURE-Digital range of products will significantly expand consumer's radio listening choices at home by giving access to MediaCorp Radio's SmartRadio digital radio service.

"As the national broadcaster, MediaCorp Radio is proud to work with MDA and Robert Bosch (SEA) in this initiative to bring DAB technology into the homes of Singaporeans. Since 1999, we have developed the technological and programming infrastructure of DAB and now have 7 FM simulcast stations with 6 DAB exclusive channels. With the latest range of digital radio products offering listeners greater listening pleasure within homes, we will continue to develop efforts in promoting DAB," said Mr. James Yip, Chief Executive Officer of MediaCorp Radio.

DAB is being broadcast or trialed across much of Europe as well as China, Korea Australia and Canada. In the UK, sales of DAB radios increased 229% year on year up to the end of February 2004. According to a recent survey, 69% of radio listeners in the UK were found to use digital radios. In addition, 68% of respondents claimed to listen to the radio more when using a DAB radio, while 82% were found to be proactively listening to new radio stations.

As part of the Media21 blueprint, the MDA will work with relevant industry players to expedite the growth of national DAB as well as the deployment of DAB services, content and applications. The MDA will also incentivise R&D in enabling software and technologies through seed funds and will facilitate industry-wide training of DAB manpower through schools, seminars and conferences.

Said Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the MDA, "Digitisation is bringing about exciting opportunities for Singapore as we work at becoming a truly global media city. The MDA is excited by the potential and prospects of digital audio broadcasting and we are happy to partner Robert Bosch (SEA) and MediaCorp Radio to promote the growth of digital audio broadcasting technology and to bring digital radio to the public."

To increase public awareness on DAB technology, a combined road show is being planned for 19-20 June 2004 at the Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City. Amongst the entertaining highlights, consumers will get to meet MediaCorp Radio DJs and view informative exhibits on Digital Radio. Lots of attractive prizes ranging from Pure-Digital radios to Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB Car Receivers will also be given away to lucky consumers.

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