Singapore, February 6, 2004 - In celebration of the 40th anniversary of local television, the Media Development Authority (MDA) has commissioned a two-part series entitled 40 Years of TV.

Through the eyes of broadcasting veterans, this two-part documentary series examines how the goggle box has evolved over the years and how it has inevitably changed the landscape of our lives.

Rich with snippets of old programmes ranging from early Chinese drama series such as The Awakening to the long-running Malay children's series Mat Yo Yo to variety programmes like Pestarama as well as anecdotes from broadcasting veterans such as Asmah Laili and Chandra Mohan.

Part 1 of the series goes behind the scenes at Caldecott Hill to revisit TV production styles and the kinds of programming that reached out to viewers in the early years. This episode also pays tribute to veterans who became household names, such as former news reader Vernon Palmer and the forefathers of Chinese comedy, Wong Sa and Ye Fong.

Part 2 traces the milestones in local television from the mid-1980's to the present day, which include the development of local Chinese dramas, growth of an independent production industry and the impact of international developments on television programming trends, broadcast and communication technology. This episode also examines how technology has changed the face of local television and how local broadcasters help to maintain television's hold on our hearts and minds in the midst of competition from various mass and new media.

Produced by MediaCorp News, the two-part documentary series will be shown on Channel NewsAsia on 9 and 16 February at 8pm.

Media contact:

Toh Yong Chuan
Deputy Director
The Media Development Authority
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