Dated: 24 July 2004

The Media Development Authority (MDA) today presented study awards to 25 aspiring filmmakers, producers, directors and animators.

The awards are valued at a total of S$1.1 million and will help these talented Singaporeans study for full-time advanced diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate media-related courses at reputable local or overseas tertiary institutions over the next four years.

Presented for the second year running through the Media Education Scheme (an initiative under the Media 21 blueprint), the awards are to help build Singapore's media manpower capabilities in the television, radio, film, publishing and digital media sectors.

This year, the MDA doubled the number of awards because of the quality of the applicants: a total of 71 applications were received, with 25 finally being selected.

Of these, seven award holders will pursue producing, directing, cinematography, editing and digital film courses at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic and the School of Audio Engineering. The remaining 18 students will be studying film and television production, writing and animation courses at reputable overseas institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Awards help build Singapore's media manpower pool Said Dr Tan Chin Nam, Chairman of the MDA, "I am extremely pleased to see the passion and conviction in this group of young people, who want to build careers in the creative and dynamic media industry and who are taking concrete steps to turn their dreams into reality. This is important to Singapore's media industry, which needs a critical mass of creative manpower. And because the media industry is one that is always evolving, it is crucial that our people stay at the forefront of creative and technological development through the constant renewal of their skills at respected local and overseas institutions."

Mr Chang Yee Yeo, a 2003 Awards recipient who is studying at New York University said, "The Media Education Scheme Awards has given me the opportunity to study at one of the best film schools in the United States without having to worry about straining my family's limited financial resources. It has also given me the chance to work with some of the very best independent film producers in the United States, to learn from their vast experience and to apply it to my own work. By combining both film school knowledge and practical industry know-how, I hope to make a feature film in Singapore one day upon my return."

Selection criteria
Recipients of the Media Education Scheme Awards were selected based on their academic and creative potential, achievements, track record and relevant experience, the benefit and value which the course of studies would bring to the recipient and to the development of the media industry in Singapore.

Recipients who choose media-related courses at local institutions will receive up to S$20,000 in tuition fees. Those pursuing studies at overseas institutions receive awards which may be valued at up to S$100,000. Overseas award holders must fulfill a service commitment of up to two years' work in media-related companies in Singapore within five years of their graduation.

Prior to their return, the MDA also encourages award winners to gain international exposure by working in media-related fields overseas after graduation, to acquire invaluable experience and international contacts.

The Media Education Scheme was launched in 2003. For the first year, awards totaling S$500,000 were given to 13 recipients. The MDA has facilitated the training of over 4,500 media professionals and students through various manpower development schemes and initiatives since the launch of Media 21.

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