Dated: 8 April 2004

The Media Development Authority (MDA) supports the recommendations made by the National Internet Advisory Committee (NIAC) in its seventh annual report. In the annual report, the NIAC called for greater support for the cyber wellness movement and industry action to make the Internet safe for young people. Last year, the NIAC had channelled much effort in looking into ways to inculcate the values of cyber wellness among young Internet users. The MDA provided $25,000 to the cyber wellness initiative led by the NIAC's Cyber Wellness Task Force in consultation with TOUCH Community Services.

The MDA applauds the Task Force's effort and will continue to support and facilitate the NIAC's work to promote cyber wellness to a wider audience in Singapore. The MDA believes that a multi-pronged approach is needed and the industry and community organisations can take a more proactive role in championing the cyber wellness initiative. They should be encouraged to incorporate NIAC's proposed cyber wellness programmes under their existing programmes and activities.

The MDA agrees with the NIAC that the problems and social issues brought by the Internet cannot be addressed by regulations alone. Thus it fully supports the NIAC's call for greater industry action and collaboration to address online safety issues. This is in line with the MDA's light touch regulatory approach to the Internet. The MDA views industry activism as crucial to the effort to protect users, especially the young, from potential harm on the Net. The MDA will continue to support industry-led initiatives, such as offering user empowerment tools and educating the public on ways they can protect themselves on the Internet.

The MDA recognises that spam is a growing problem affecting the Internet and agrees with the Committee that a multi-pronged approach is necessary to deal with the problem. The Authority will help forward the Committee's recommendations to the relevant agencies for their consideration.

On NIAC's efforts to empower disabled persons through the Internet, the MDA supports the NIAC's call for greater support to help disabled persons gain access to the Internet. The MDA shares the view that the Internet is a powerful tool that can open up greater opportunities for disabled persons, and urges more public and private sector organisations, particularly media organisations, to come forward to help promote the use of IT and the Internet among disabled persons and to provide the necessary funding support and resources for them.

The MDA thanks the NIAC for its contributions in reviewing and updating the MDA's Internet regulations, as well as promoting industry co-regulation and educating the public to use the Internet and new media positively.

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