Dated: 1 September 2004

Secondary school students will showcase their oratorical skills in the Tamil debate series Sorkkalam 2004 (War of Words), which will premiere on Vasantham Central from 4 September at 7pm.

Students will compete for the title as they engage in a battle of words on various thought-provoking and topical issues. Chaired by popular actress/presenter Prasanna Vadhani, the first semi-final will see students from Chong Boon Secondary School, spar with their opponents from Bendemeer Secondary School. They will debate the topic, 'Today's Youth Are Lacking in Self Confidence'.

In the second semi-finals, Raffles Girls Secondary will face Riverside Secondary over whether "We Are Losing Our Arts And Cultural Values In Singapore". The eventual winner from each semi-final will go on to the grand final.

The series is organised by the People's Association Central Indian Activity Executive Committees and produced by Megastar Advertising Pte Ltd. The Media Development Authority commissioned this series to encourage students to exercise their public speaking skills on topical issues relevant to youths today and in their future.

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