Dated: 30 November 2005

Discovery Networks Asia (DNA), a division of leading global real-world media and entertainment company, Discovery Communications, Inc., today announced that it is working with The Right Angle Media (TRA) and the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) to version Asian-made documentaries.

Entitled “Gateway Asia: Telling Stories to the World”, this structured versioning project marks an important first for Singapore. It will open the doors for Singapore to be the gateway for Asian voices to go beyond their shores and break into the international realm. Given the increasing worldwide demand for compelling Asian-made tales especially from countries like China, Korea and Japan, all three parties are taking a stake in Gateway Asia. MDA is supporting this versioning project together with DNA and TRA. DNA will spearhead the editorial team, while TRA, an established media industry player will produce and recast the stories.

Mr James Gibbon, Senior Vice President, Discovery Networks Asia, said, ""Gateway Asia will create a stream of high quality Asian documentaries that will resonate with Discovery’s audiences throughout the Asia Pacific region. The project also reflects Discovery’s commitment to create an international platform for Asian talent"".

Mr Viswa Sadasivan, Chairman, The Right Angle Group, remarks, ""The Right Angle Media has always been committed to not only producing quality documentaries, but also telling fascinating Asian stories to the rest of the world with passion and authenticity. We see this as an excellent opportunity for achieving both.”

Commenting on the MDA’s support of the versioning project, Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA, said, “Gateway Asia is a concrete, timely step forward in line with one of MDA’s International Advisory Panel’s recent recommendations -- to build on the existing strengths of Singapore and position the country as a leader in versioning original Asian content for the region and the world. With our East-West sensibilities and eye on the global market, Singapore can take on a key role as the regional hub in enhancing the international appeal of Asian content.”


Discovery Networks Asia:
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Media Development Authority of Singapore:
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The Right Angle Media:
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