Dated: 5 July 2005

Embark on an artistic journey in this eight-part documentary which introduces viewers to a rich array of art works ranging from Peranakan art, street art, alternative art, art works based on religion to art pieces by the physically challenged artistes.

Meet the unbridled young creative minds in Street Arts where street and hip-hop styles have culminated into individualistic forms of art expression. Dabbling in animation, pop art, sneakers and street apparels, the world is these artistes' canvas.

Profiled in Traditional Folk Arts are the heritage custodians who keep the rich and colourful Peranakan culture alive and an award-winning Teochew opera actress and her relentless devotion to her arts.

In the episode on art inspired by Religions, three artistes of different religious faiths draw their inspirations from scriptures of the holy books of Quran, Bible and Dharma teaching.

Very Special Artists chronicles the stories of three physically challenged artists who excel and inspire with their passion and creativity.

Other stories include artistes who channel their feelings and emotions about Human Relationships creatively through their arts;an insightful exploration of human psyche, gender identities and the relationship between Men &Women, through photography, contemporary dance and puppetry theatre;a peek into Singapore's future Architecture and Urban landscape fifty years down the road;and art inspirations drawn from Mother Nature.

HeART &Soul –a timeless piece of art on its own, will make its debut on Channel U on 7 July at 9.30 pm. The eight-episode series is commissioned by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and produced by Illuxions Pte Ltd.

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