Dated: 21 July 2005

Since 1 July, the Media Development Authority (MDA) has given more flexibility to publicity materials for films and videos rated NC16 and M18;and TV programmes rated 'PG' (Parental Guidance), in a move to provide more avenues for promotion of these materials. Trailers of upcoming movies rated M18 can be shown on television after 10pm. In addition, trailers of NC16 films and PG-rated TV programmes can also be shown any time of the day, as long as the content is suitable for a general audience. 

The move follows the MDA's decision to allow promotional trailers of NC16 and M18 films for screening during films of a lower rating, and in cinema lobbies, as long as their content is suitable for a general audience. All print and publicity materials of films rated in these categories need to reflect clearly the ratings and consumer advice so that consumers can make an informed choice.

On free-to-air television, promotion of M18 trailers can now be screened after family viewing hours, from 10pm to 6am. On radio, there is a six-month trial period for such trailers, with no time restrictions. There is also no time restriction on the trailing of NC16 films on television but such trailers will need to observe the MDA's guidelines on TV programming and advertising and should not be telecast during programmes targeted at children. Trailers for movies rated NC16 and M18 should also reflect the appropriate ratings.

PG-rated TV programme trailers can be screened at any time of the day though the content of such trailers must be suitable for a family audience, with the rating clearly reflected. Broadcasters must also exercise discretion and ensure that such trailers are not broadcast during children's programmes or programmes targeted at the young.

A copy of the revised guidelines is available at

Prior to these changes, trailers of NC16 films and PG-rated TV programmes could only be screened after 9pm on television while M18 film trailers were not allowed. Print publicity materials of NC16 and M18 videos were also subject to the Board of Film Censors' approval before release.

The revision to the guidelines to allow for greater leeway for the advertising and promotion of films and videos was based on feedback from the industry. This pro-enterprise move is aimed at encouraging the industry to self-regulate, and fostering a culture of shared responsibility among the industry, the public and the authority. The public can send their feedback on print publicity materials or on trailers through email to the MDA at

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