Dated: 22 August 2005

Have a character that could come alive on the Web, either through a game or an animation format? Have an idea for a documentary or short film to be produced and webcast? Filmmakers, animators, illustrators, writers, interactive designers and game developers are just part of the creative media community who will soon be able to receive a boost to realise their stories and creative vision on the Internet.

Synthesis, a new initiative from the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and supported by Apple and Macromedia, will be launched on 25 August 2005. It aims to support original content creation made specially for the Web such as interactive “webisodes” (content series shown on the Web), animation, games, educational content and any innovative experimental work.

Under the Synthesis initiative, individuals or companies can seek funding support from the MDA for up to S$10,000 per approved project. Proposals will be assessed on the concept’s originality and creativity as well as evidence of the applicant’s ability and commitment to successfully manage and deliver the completed Web project. The application deadline for Synthesis is 31 December 2005. Successful applicants will then have until the end of June 2006 to complete the project.

Apple will provide its fast-performing hardware equipment that offers mission critical reliability while Macromedia will provide its latest multimedia development software tools for successful applicants to produce their projects. Please refer to the attached factsheet at Annex A for more details.

Commenting on the new initiative, the MDA’s Director of Industry Development, Mr Seto Lok Yin, said, “The Internet is transforming the way news and entertainment are produced and consumed. People are becoming accustomed to getting content online, be it news, video, music or even comics, especially with increasing broadband access and the set-up of home networks. It is timely to start engaging the Internet as another media platform for content creation, distribution and marketing.

“Through Synthesis, the MDA hopes to encourage more crossovers between the film and television production and the interactive digital media production communities. This includes projects that can be integrated with or re-versioned for different media forms. With a new media platform comes opportunities to explore new business models. That is something we hope our creative talents and entrepreneurs can also work towards.”

“We are delighted to have the support of established industry players like Macromedia and Apple who have been consistently strong supporters of the creative and interactive media communities,” Mr Seto added.

Mr Ng Yew Hwee, Director for Macromedia South Asia, said, “The Internet offers an ideal platform for experimentation with techniques, concepts and presentation. It is the perfect cross-media environment. Macromedia is proud to be part of this breakthrough initiative by the MDA to support interactive content for the Web, and we look forward to seeing the creative talent Singapore can offer in this space.”

More details and guidelines on Synthesis can also be found on from 25 August onwards.

Synthesis is the latest initiative under the MDA’s efforts to support and promote the growth of Singapore’s digital media content industry, including animation and games development. The MDA also provides a whole slate of schemes to support and promote the film, television, publishing and digital media sectors. For more information on these schemes, please visit


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