Dated: 14 June 2005

​What was Singapore like 40 years ago? How have changes that have taken place since then impacted on Singaporeans' lifestyles, aspirations and the way we work, communicate and live? Join local actor and theatre personality Lim Yu Beng in the documentary 40 on 40, which looks at the developments that have shaped Singapore. 

In this 13-part documentary series, Yu Beng, who turns 40 this year, traces the significant trends and transformations in Singaporean's lifestyles and aspirations through the years. Childcare is an example of a changing trend - from black-and-white amahs to domestic helpers from neighbouring countries. Housing has also seen tremendous changes - from kampongs to HDB flats and condominiums. The series also looks at how Singapore has struggled and innovated to overcome its lack of water resources. Join Yu Beng as he delves into these transformations and other uniquely Singapore traits and trends in this series.

"As Singapore celebrates its 40th birthday as a nation, we thought it would be meaningful to look back at how we have adapted to changing circumstances, and the significant events and trends which have changed the way we live, work and play. 40 on 40 is our birthday present to Singaporeans. We have captioned the series in English so the hearing-impaired will be able to enjoy the programme too," said the MDA's Director of Media Content, Ms Amy Chua.

Welcoming the move to caption the series for the hearing-impaired, Mrs Jenny Ho, Executive Director of the Singapore Association for the Deaf said, "With the subtitling, the deaf community will be able to get first-hand information on the content of the programme which will help them understand the progress of Singapore. Getting information without an interpreter will boost their self-confidence level, which will pave the way for greater achievement."

Watch out for this series, produced by local production house The Right Angle Media, when it debuts on MediaCorp TV's Channel 5 this Thursday, 16 June at 7.30pm.

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