Dated: 29 November 2006

​​The Warrior Boy gets a Chinese spin-off with Taoshu &Friends <桃乐园 >, an animated and live-action mixed media adventure series designed for 5 to 8-year-olds. Media Development Authority of Singapore and Peach Blossom Media Ltd jointly produce this series to target both regional and international markets where there is growing interest for Chinese culture based programmes.

Based on the success of the English animated series Taoshu the Warrior Boy, each episode of Taoshu &Friends features 10 minutes of animated adventures and live-action sequences in which real children share their understanding of Chinese festivals, food and culture. Through the use of animation and live-action, audiences can experience the world of ancient China through the eyes of Taoshu and friends, as well as witness how the traditions are being practiced by children today.

The story is set in an idyllic town in China where Taoshu, his little sister Lingling, their best friend Jin Han and Pa Pa Li live. Through storytelling, the three kids learn meaningful lessons in life and deepen their appreciation for Chinese arts and traditions.

""We see Taoshu &Friends as a natural extension of the successful animation series Taoshu The Warrior Boy which was widely received on the cable channel, Nickelodeon Asia. This is a good example of how a production company like Peach Blossom Media, is able to fully exploit the intellectual property rights and spin-off from an original animation series to create other interesting products. MDA is happy to play a catalyst role in the process,"" says Mr Man Shu Sum, Director, Broadcast &Film Development, Media Development Authority

“Taoshu –The Warrior Boy has enjoyed tremendous success in major international markets like France, Israel and Hong Kong and I see a huge demand for the series in the regional markets. That is the reason why I have decided to bring Taoshu back to its roots and create a brand new mixed media series in its native language - Mandarin. With Taoshu &Friends, it will be wonderful to see our children getting all excited about learning, exploring and having fun with Chinese culture all at the same time!” says Sung Lingun, the director of Peach Blossom Media.

For more information, please contact:

Ms Tessa Monteiro
Manager, Communications
Media Development Authority
Tel: (65) 6837 9757

Ms Karen Tang
Peach Blossom Media
256 South Bridge Road #02-01
Singapore 058805
Tel: +65 6227 2829
Mobile: + 65 96460452

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