Dated: 31 October 2006

The strategy of Singapore’s media companies to break into the competitive global TV market via international co-productions met with success at the recently concluded MIPCOM, one of the world’s largest audio-visual content markets. Deals to the tune of US$50 million were announced by Singapore players.

Singapore company IV Lab, the animation arm of ST Electronics, forged an agreement with America’s Promenade Pictures and New Zealand’s Huhu Studios to co-produce five 3D animated projects over the next six years, with a total production budget estimated at US$25 million.

International demand for quality Made-by-Singapore content was also high. Scrawl Studios’ animated series, Milly Molly, which is represented by Australian distribution company, Beyond International, has been sold to ABC Australia. The series received offers from companies in Canada, South Africa and Latin America. Six-six-eight, the first home-grown content management company, also announced sales worth US$1 million for the local and international programmes it represents.

Dr Tan Chin Nam, Chairman, Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) said: “The flourishing international co-production deals between Singapore media companies and leading international players are indicative of the growing demand for the creative and technical capabilities of Singapore’s production companies. While Singapore’s media industry may be small in size, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by capitalising on our unique position as the cultural confluence of the East and the West. Our highly-skilled media talents also inspire confidence in our international partners of our ability to deliver on our promises. ”

For a full listing of the deals announced by Singapore companies at MIPCOM, please refer to the Annex.

Positive Reception to “Singapore Media Fusion” The forays into the global market by Singapore media companies at MIPCOM were bolstered by the launch of “Singapore Media Fusion”, a communications strategy to profile the strengths of the local media industry.

To mark its launch at MIPCOM, an advertising campaign consisting of giant billboards, print advertisements and smart cars, was rolled out. Further drumming up the buzz, MDA presented performances by a Chinese lion dance troupe and a street artist at the Opening Night Party at the Majestic Hotel.

In all, the campaign created an impact beyond its S$496,000 (250,000 euros) cost and generated positive comments on its strong organisation and effectiveness.

Boost for Singapore-Made High-Definition Content MDA also announced at MIPCOM that about 30 hours of made-by-Singapore HD content developed by both established and new production houses are slated to debut on the free-to-air HDTV trial channel by year-end. These programmes were chosen from over 100 proposals submitted in the past three months to MDA, which is providing support to stimulate the production of quality HD content in Singapore in line with the push to deploy and promote High-Definition (HD) TV nationwide.

In addition to the 30 hours of programming produced for the HDTV trial, 20 hours of HD programming are being produced by Mega Media and Bang Singapore, following their collaborations with Rainbow HD Holdings and Off The Fence B.V., respectively, following announcements at MIPCOM 2005. In total, about 50 hours of Made-by-Singapore HD content are expected to be completed by end 2006 and this output is expected to double to 100 hours in 2007.

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