Dated: 4 June 2007

T​he Media Development Authority (MDA) has informed MediaCorp Radio that it will be fined $15,000 for breaching the Radio Programme Code when it broadcast exploitative and inappropriate content in its programme “No Bra Days with the Muttons” from 14 – 16 March 2007.

MediaCorp Radio has contravened paragraphs 3.6 and 3.7 of the Code which state that:

  • "Broadcasters must exercise sensitivity and avoid humour which offends against good taste and decency” (para 3.6);and
  • "The inclusion of sexual matters in programmes must be defensible in context and presented with tact and discretion. Sexually suggestive or lewd dialogue and innuendoes should not be broadcast. Sexual stereotyping which can be hurtful and/or demeaning must be avoided” (para 3.7).

During the radio segments, contestants from FHM magazine’s “Girls Next Door” contest were challenged to take off their bras ‘on air’ in the shortest possible time, under their clothes. MediaCorp subsequently postedup by YouTube.

MDA notes that the two DJs had made sexually suggestive comments on how fast the bras were removed, as well as the colour, design and cup size of the bras, and the size of the girls’ breasts. The DJs had also commended several of the girls for being able to remove their bras quickly and reminded them to pose for the camera with their bras as videos of the segments would be posted online on MediaCorp Radio’s online platform,

As celebrity figures and role models, DJs wield influence over young listeners, and hence, should conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner.

MDA also finds that it is entirely inappropriate for MediaCorp Radio to feature a contest organized in conjunction with FHM, an adult-oriented magazine, on a youth-oriented radio station over an extended period of three days. The broadcasting of such a contest, requiring the removal of bras by young women, has a negative influence on young impressionable listeners.

In addition to conducting its own assessment, MDA referred the radio segment to the Programmes Advisory Committee for English Programmes (PACE). Members of PACE found the DJs’ remarks to be exploitative and inappropriate for broadcast over a nationwide youth-oriented radio station.

MediaCorp Radio was served notice of the fine on 30 May 2007. The broadcaster has 14 days upon receipt of notice to either accept the fine or lodge an appeal to the Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts, if it so wishes.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Gay Chwee Hwa (Ms)
Assistant Director, Communications
Media Development Authority
Tel: (65) 68379344

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) was formed on 1 January 2003 to champion Media 21, a blueprint to transform Singapore into a global media city. Media 21 seeks to create a vibrant media environment by establishing Singapore as a media exchange, exporting Made-by-Singapore content, internationalising local media companies, nurturing local media talent and developing digital media. MDA also performs a regulatory function in managing content to protect core values and safeguard consumer interests . More information on MDA can be found on

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