Dated: 26 July 2007

The Films Appeal Committee (FAC), which addresses appeals on classification decisions from the film and video industry, has been appointed for a new term of three years by Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA)

​The Committee, which is a statutory appointment under the Films Act, continues its next term with a new Chairperson – Mrs Mildred Tan, Managing Director of Ernst &Young Associates Pte Ltd – at its helm. The new Committee is effective 1st July 2007. Please see Annex A for the list of members. Representing a cross-section of society and age groups, the 15-member Committee members were chosen for their interest in films and commitment to public service.

Mrs Tan assumes leadership from Ms Pang Cheng Lian, who stepped down, after serving as Chairperson of the FAC for three terms. Mrs Tan has held several key leadership positions in business and community, and is active in community work. Her public service spans a wide and diverse range of social causes. She holds key appointments in the National Council in Problem Gambling, National Family Council, the Making Businesses Pro-Family Workgroup, the Ministry of Education’s COMPASS Committee (Community and Parents in Support of Schools), Singapore Cancer Society and is a Board Member of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). She has helmed the Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box for the past 3 years, among others.

“I am honoured to be given this opportunity to serve a worthy and challenging public cause,” said Mrs Tan. “In today’s affluent and diverse society, where individuals are better educated and more widely-travelled, the key task ahead for the FAC is how to remain relevant to rising expectations for more choice, whilst balancing the need to keep social harmony intact. I look forward to tackling these challenges.”

Ms Pang has served on the FAC for 15 years. She was first appointed in 1992 as Vice-Chairperson for the then nine-member FAC. She was subsequently appointed Chairperson on 1 July 1998, presiding over an expanded committee of 15 members. As Chairperson, Ms Pang has led the Committee in giving careful and balanced consideration to the review of films. Minister, MICA, commended Ms Pang for her excellent and dedicated stewardship of the FAC, and for leading the Committee through difficult and landmark film appeal decisions. In providing a channel of appeal to film makers and distributors, Ms Pang and her members have succeeded in broadening viewing choices for public enjoyment, whilst protecting our young from undesirable content.

Ms Pang commented, "Public service is vital in our community and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute and serve on the FAC. As a member of the FAC, I had to view films not only as entertainment but also from the perspective of whether they meet community standards. The most challenging aspect is of course, balancing the demands of the vocal minority and the silent majority. With societal and technological advances, the onus of responsibility for media content management is gradually shifting from the government to the parents and individuals. There is now a greater need for the industry and the public to make responsible media choices. Mrs Tan's experience and leadership in the public service will serve the FAC well."

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About the Films Appeal Committee
The Films Appeal Committee provides an alternative channel to distributors, film makers, producers and directors who wish to appeal a classification decision by the Board of Film Censors. Under Section 26 of the Films Act, the 15-member Committee is empowered to make decisions with regard to:
    1    the approval for exhibition of any film which is the subject of appeal
    2    the excision or retention of any part of any such film
    3    the classification of any film


(1 July 2007 – 30 June 2010)

1. Mrs Mildred Tan
Managing Director, Ernst &Young Associates Pte Ltd
2. Mr Benedict Cheong Thiam Beng
Chief Executive Officer
Temasek Foundation
3. Dr (Ms) Chin Kwee Nyet
Senior Lecturer (Convenor, Chinese Language Programme)
Centre for Language Studies
National University of Singapore
4. Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song
e-Business Consultant
Digital Pathway Consulting
5. Mdm Siti Haslinda Putri Harun
The Kids Dentist
6. Mr Daren VL Shiau
Allen &Gledhill
7. Dr (Ms) Esther Tan nee Yiu Kam Yu
Associate Professor, School of Human Development and Social Services
SIM University
8. Dr (Ms) Sudha Nair
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work
National University of Singapore
9. Mr Wong Lin Tam
Media Consultant
Wang Media Consulting P/L
10. Mdm Yeo Teck Yong
Temasek Junior College
*11. Dr Abdul Razakjr bin Omar
Consultant Cardiologist
National University Hospital
*12. Ms Ang Bee Lian
Chief Executive Officer
National Council of Social Service
*13. Mr Lim Huan Chiang, LTC (NS), JP, BBM, PB
Vice President
Cultural Industry Promotion (Chinese Newspaper Division)
Singapore Press Holdings
*14. Mr Raymond Lye Hoong Yip
Executive Director
Pacific Law Corporation
*15. Mr Edmund Phang Chin Sian
Senior Family Services Officer
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

* newly-appointed members

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