Dated: 1 July 2008

The Love Guru" is a comedy about a self-help guru, Guru Pitka who is approached by a Canadian hockey team owner to reconcile their star hockey player, Roanoke, with his wife. Using unconventional methods, the guru manages to bring the couple together.

The Board of Film Censors (BFC) received feedback that the film might be religiously sensitive.

The BFC referred the film to the Films Consultative Panel (FCP). In their view, the film is a comedy and a work of fiction. It does not denigrate any religion.

However, because it contains crude, sexual humour, the BFC has decided to rate the film NC16 with the consumer advice "Sexual humour".

Said Mr Vijay Chandran, Chairman of the Films Consultative Panel, “The FCP recommends an NC16 rating in view of the film’s sexual humour. The film is really an over-the-top comedy about a new age spiritual guru who spouts simplistic oriental pseudo-wisdom.”

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