Dated: 30 July 2009

With more media content being pushed out to mobile devices, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) is collaborating with key players from the mobile industry to launch the FutureMobile initiative. Comprising industry players such as SingTel, Nokia, Microsoft, MOZAT, Zingmobile, Qualcomm and Huawei, the partner network will work together to develop or distribute on-the-move media services and applications for the global market.

Together with MDA, the network is seeking innovative content and application proposals focusing on games, mobile lifestyle, healthcare and the transient market that have the potential to be deployed on the partner network’s platforms. Selected proposals can leverage on a user base of 300million and access to markets worldwide.

The FutureMobile initiative is another support pillar of the newly-launched media blueprint Singapore Media Fusion Plan, and follows the launch of the FutureTV in June 2009. FutureTV seeks to offer greater interactivity and personalization in the experience of visual media consumption with the aim to go beyond the traditional TV screen.

According to a Deloitte Study, there are currently 4 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world, and that number is expected to grow by at least 1.6 billion in the next 5 years.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA said: “The mobile phone is now the most ubiquitous device in the world. Users do not just make calls;they perform multiple transactions apart from just communication. We are already a society with one of the highest mobile penetration rates worldwide. Therefore, Singapore companies have an opportunity to extend their media offerings and capabilities to develop on-the-move media services and applications to reach out to a wider audience base.”

“Like the FutureTV initiative, MDA hopes that the FutureMobile partner network can also bring together the best of breed offerings, and to allow industry players to leverage on one another’s customer base, market access, and partners. More importantly, to inspire innovations and offer opportunities for the industry to formulate commercial strategies to reach out to the regional and global markets,” added Mr Michael Yap, Director, Interactive Media and Games.

In addition to forming partner network, MDA will be holding matching sessions to link anchor partners with startups to explore collaboration opportunities. One of the anchor partners, SingTel is collaborating with MOZAT to develop a device independent platform that can help worldwide developers build and deliver elegant and powerful on-the-move services. By collaborating with SingTel, they will be able to facilitate other on-the-move service providers to quickly develop, distribute and monetise the service.

Ms Ying Lai Chang, Vice President, Consumer Products, SingTel, said: “We are pleased to be a partner in FutureMobile’s network as it spurs the growth of a vibrant mobile community through the development of innovative on-the-move applications. Developers can rely on our strengths, expertise and large regional market base of 249 million customers to accelerate the deployment of applications and thus optimise development costs. Our wide and diverse base of prepaid customers in Singapore will act as an excellent test bed. Developers can also look forward to the upcoming SingTel App Zone, which is an ideal platform for launching new applications across a comprehensive range of devices and enrich our customers’ mobile experience.”

Another anchor partner, Nokia will kick off a joint initiative –the Mobile Lifestyle Call for Proposal with Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) to support small local developers and publishers to enhance their competencies in on-the-move content development, publishing and distribution from conceptualization to commercialization of their ideas without the financial barrier.

“Nokia is very pleased to be part of this FutureMobile partner network. We see the tremendous potential of mobile content developers in Singapore and are committed to provide our technical expertise and offer them global distribution opportunities through Nokia. As part of this FutureMobile initiative, Nokia is looking forward to working with developers and 3rd parties in this forum to increase the number of applications based on Open Source technology," said Mr Kenny Mathers, Head of Developer Relations and Marketing for Forum Nokia, APAC.

Submission details on the FutureMobile CFP can be found in Annex i.
More information on the partner network’s offerings can be found in Annex ii.

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