Dated: 25 November 2010

The Singapore GameFEST is one of Singapore’s largest game events to date where Singaporeans converge to play and support Made-by-Singapore games while local game developers share their expertise and discuss opportunities for collaboration. This inaugural event is launched today by Mr Aubeck Kam, Chief Executive Officer of Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) at *SCAPE, a venue where young people gather to explore their social interests and creative passions.

Initiated by MDA and organized by Singapore’s Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), the Singapore GameFEST is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors over four days from 25 to 28 November. During this period, visitors can try out new games and compete in various game competitions where winners stand to win attractive prizes.

One of the highlights of the Singapore GameFEST is the kick-off of the SG Game Box Inter-Tertiary Challenge. The challenge promises to be one of the largest competitions for local games held at the tertiary level involving over 100 students. After the kick-off, students from five polytechnics will compete in five Made-by-Singapore games for trophies and prizes over the next five months. Through this competition, it is hoped that more Singaporeans will be exposed to and enjoy Made-by-Singapore games, where amongst them are award–winning titles. It also aims to promote a spirit of competition and e-sportsmanship amongst youths, as well as help local developers gather direct feedback from gamers to further enhance their game design.

In addition, visitors to the Singapore GameFEST will also get to lay their hands on some of the more popular games created by local game developers. For instance, Singapore’s very first 3D stereoscopic racing game, TQMotor by local game developer TQ Global will be made available at the event. The racing game made its debut at the Singapore Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo and had received positive reviews from visitors with some describing it as the “most exciting experience at the World Expo”.

Mr Aubeck Kam, Chief Executive Officer, MDA said at the launch of the Singapore GameFEST: “MDA will continue to work with the local games community as it grows. Last April, MDA launched the GAME+ Programme. GAME+ helps companies in concept development and commercialization. I am pleased to note that to date, the GAME+ programme has supported some 11 games projects on various platforms ranging from mobile (iPhone/ iPad) to web-based (Facebook).”

There are five major components under the Singapore GameFEST 2010:

  • SG Game Box Inter-Tertiary Challenge (an inter-tertiary competition adopted and managed by SCOGA).
  • SG GameFEST - Developer Seminar (incorporating a Games Industry Networking Reception) organised by Asia Events.
  • One Asia Gaming Showcase and Tournaments managed by Infocomm Asia Holdings PL (IAHGames).
  • Singapore GameFEST Official Tournaments managed by SCOGA.
  • IDM Day: Aspiring Developers Meet Developers Session (an industry development programme by Asia Events).


(Refer to Singapore GameFEST factsheet for more details​)

Mr. Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Chairman, SCOGA said: “We expect the Singapore GameFEST 2010 to be the gamer party of the year as we celebrate ‘fun made here’. More than just fun, this is an event that will bring together three important groups of people in the games industry, namely game developers, game publishers and gamers to celebrate and appreciate Made-by-Singapore games. Through this event, we also plan to educate gamers on cyber wellness with an exhibition displaying top student works in our ‘Young Cyber Wellness Achiever’ programme as well as our unique SCOGA cyber wellness exhibition.”


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