Dated: 28 September 2010

The Media Development Authority (MDA) will lead a delegation of 11 Singapore media companies to MIPCOM 2010, with a focus on showcasing Singapore’s capabilities in two key areas –3D and animation –to international distributors, buyers and sellers.  Held in Cannes, France, MIPCOM is one of the world's biggest television and animation markets, and this year’s edition is expected to attract 12,000 participants from 102 countries.

In a display of Singapore’s growing 3D capability, a variety of 3D content will be showcased at the Singapore Pavilion, including a preview of Singapore’s first Stereoscopic 3D Intellectual Property, Dream Defenders. During the market, Singapore companies are expected to make a series of announcements involving international co-productions in 3D broadcast.

Said Dr. Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development Authority: “Singapore has made a concerted effort to develop the 3D capabilities of our media sector. The increased availability of 3D equipment and technology in Singapore allows local content providers to have greater access to a wider range of equipment to enable and expedite their development in 3D content and we are starting to see this bear fruit through quality made-by-Singapore 3D content."

“On the animation front, our line-up of titles, from branded properties to original creations, demonstrates that Singapore animation companies have come-of-age in their ability to produce content for the world, with the world. At MIPCOM, we look forward to forging greater ties, and forming collaborations with other international counterparts to further opportunities.”

Marking the 10th year of Singapore’s participation in the annual trade show, MDA will lead a contingent of 11 Singapore companies engaged in animation, live action and 3D to the market.

Among the slate of titles from Singapore is Dream Defenders, Singapore’s first Stereoscopic 3D animated TV series produced by Tiny Island Productions. It is a 26-episode series chronicling the adventures of a pair of twins, Zane and Zoey, who discover that the worlds where they dream actually exist. Audiences can look forward to spectacular action and adventures set in fantasy dream worlds.

Another is the second season of the award-winning preschool animation TV series DINOSAUR TRAIN™. An extended collaboration between the Jim Henson Company and Singapore-based Sparky Animation, the new season will premiere in fall 2011 in the United States on PBS KIDS®where the first season ranks in the top five children’s programmes among kids aged 2 to 5.

Mr Moon –a 52-episode High-Definition animated series produced by Sparky Animation Pte Ltd., Gallileo Ltd. and Title Entertainment (Mr Moon) Inc. on the adventures of Mr Moon, his Supafast Moon Rocket and best friends Silva and Gold Star, as they zip around and explore the galaxies –will also feature among the collection of Singapore animation content.

This year’s MIPCOM takes place from 4 October to 8 October 2010. The 120-square metre Singapore Pavilion is located at 05.20 –07.19, Palais des Festivals. Please refer to Annex A​ for the list of animation and television programmes from the Singapore contingent.

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