Dated: 17 May 2010

First p​​roject to be launched is James​ Leong's "Camera"

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and Fortissimo Films have jointly announced the establishment of the MDA-Fortissimo Film Development Initiative (FDI). This new initiative is designed to develop, finance and distribute a slate of films in a wide range of genres including action, adventure, thriller, fantasy and films in 3D format. Selected projects will also benefit from Fortissimo’s development assistance and international sales and distribution expertise.

The first film selected under this initiative is CAMERA, best described as a dystopian noir thriller set in Hong Kong and Singapore. Now in development with filming set to commence late this year, CAMERA, will be directed by Singaporean helmer James Leong.

“Fortissimo’s unique skill and reputation in nurturing emerging filmmaking talent and securing international markets for independent films complements the MDA’s continual efforts to encourage the growth of Singaporean filmmakers and media companies. Moreover, Fortissimo and its chairman Michael J Werner has been a longtime friend to Singapore;from sitting on the selection panel for the Singapore Film Commission’s New Feature Film Fund, to championing Boo Junfeng’s debut film SANDCASTLE, to joining the ScreenSingapore Board. The establishment of the FDI expands upon this long-time collaboration and, together, we look forward to producing internationally marketable projects that will resonate with audiences worldwide,” said Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the MDA.

Fortissimo’s Werner added, “This initiative is designed to give both Singaporean filmmakers and non-Singaporean producers a fast track through the process of  developing their projects and accessing the varied and combined resources of  the MDA and Fortissimo. The focus is on quality films with strong commercial attributes. The goal is to green light between 3 to 5 films in the first year of the program.”

CAMERA, revolves around a surveillance expert taking radical steps to ensure he stays ahead of the game. When hired to follow the wife of a shadowy powerful businessman, he begins to fall for her, calling into question a life-long ethic of detachment which sends him on a path that could destroy his very existence.

James Leong’s most recent film, HOMELESS FC, won the Grand Prize at the Chinese Documentary Festival in 2008. An independent filmmaker who began directing documentaries in 2004, he received a grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund for his first documentary PASSABE. CAMERA is his first fiction feature.

From 1 July 2010, MDA and Fortissimo will invite applications for feature film projects from any country of origin. Projects applying to the FDI should already have secured some financing to meet their production budgets, and preference will be given to projects with higher above-the-line involvement by Singapore companies. The first call for proposals will be open until 31 December 2010.

The newly established FDI is the latest international film initiative following the recently announced MDA-Tiger Gate partnership and MDA’s International Film Fund. Other private funds available to the industry include the US$75 million MDA-Hyde Park-Imagenation alliance announced last October, a US$20 million Production Fund by Singapore’s Infinite Frameworks and a US$70 million (S$100million) Integrated Media Fund by Salon Media Management, a Singapore-based subsidiary of the Salon Film Group in Hong Kong.


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