Dated: 23 April 2011

The Media Development Authority (MDA) will make available through the broadcasters air-time on radio and television for Party Political Broadcasts.

Eligibility for these Broadcasts will be determined by the number of candidates fielded by a recognised political party under a recognised party symbol.

Since the 1980 General Election, political parties that field a minimum of six candidates under a recognised party symbol are eligible for air-time.

The practice has been for there to be two Party Political Broadcasts at each General Election. The first is shortly after Nomination Day, while the second is nearer to Polling Day. For the 2011 General Election, there will be two Party Political Broadcasts:

  • The first will be broadcast on Thursday, 28 April 2011;and
  • The second will be broadcast on Friday, 6 May 2011.

Relevant details pertaining to these Party Political Broadcasts are attached ​with the news release. The details relate to:

  • Eligibility for air-time
  • Duration of air-time
  • Content of broadcasts
  • Speakers, scripts and translations
  • Order of broadcasts

- End -

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