17 December 2013 - The MDA refutes the allegations made in Ms Bertha Henson’s 'Back for Breakfast' statement issued today... Read more

The MDA refutes the allegations made in Ms Bertha Henson’s 'Back for Breakfast' statement issued today.

Firstly, Ms Henson alleged that MDA’s replies to her had been vague. We object to this. The MDA​ has been precise in advising Ms Henson on the registration requirements of Breakfast Network Pte Ltd (BNPL) and it is for her to then decide how she wants to proceed with her business. We have informed her that should she decide not to register with MDA, BNPL would have to cease its online service and this is precisely what Ms Henson has gone on to do. We fail to see where we have been vague in this instance. In fact, Ms Henson herself has been vague. She has not clearly indicated to us who would own and run the various online iterations of Breakfast Network, when these services cease to exist under the corporate entity, BNPL. We can only advise her when she has clarity herself on the next steps.

Secondly, we object to Ms Henson’s allegation that we were late in our replies to her when she had already made the decision to shut down her service on 9 Dec even before we could respond to her 7 Dec email. This was after MDA explicitly informed her on 6 Dec that the deadline for registration has been extended to 17 Dec.

MDA has sought to address The Breakfast Network’s queries and provide it the full information to arrive at a decision. Whatever may be its reasons for not registering, it is unconvincing for it to attribute it to MDA’s actions – not when another site similarly asked to register has chosen to submit the registration forms.

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