His Excellency Haji Awang Alaihuddin Bin Pehin Orang Kaya Di-Gadong Seri Lela Dato Seri Utama Haji Awang Mohamad Taha,

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communications, Brunei Darussalam

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen

Members of the media

1.        Good afternoon. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Asia Media Festival (AMF) Country Showcase hosted by the Media Development Authority (MDA). Through the AMF Country Showcase, we hope to create opportunities for you to forge partnerships that would create excellent media content of interest, value and relevance to International audiences, and give you inspiration on ways you can create and exploit new business models and technologies.

Encouraging transnational collabo​​​​rations, multi-platform content creation &new technology adoption

3.        In this dynamic media landscape, transnational collaborations and opportunities are endless and there is a need to constantly stimulate the development of original ideas and innovative concepts, and to explore new media platforms while leveraging the strengths of traditional media.

4.        A gURL’s wURLd, a tripartite collaboration between Singapore, Australia and France is an example of projects conceived with multi-platform potential. Distributed by Endemol Worldwide Distribution with the support of MDA, producers of A gURL’s wURLd will be creating specially designed web material for its audiences around the globe. A gURLs wURLd, a 26-episode children’s live action drama series is a testament of how content can go beyond the traditional television screen.

Successful partnership with Scree​nWest Australia

5.        To encourage more multi-platform content development, the MDA and ScreenWest Australia partnered to launch the MDA-ScreenWest Cross-Media Development Initiative in 2008 and from the first call for proposals, we had identified and funded two projects. We had gone on to issue a second call for proposals at MIPCOM two months ago, and have identified more projects to receive funding from MDA and ScreenWest under this Initiative.

New partnership with the UK​​ South West Screen

6.        MDA has also recently entered into partnership with the South West Screen from the UK, to jointly launch the “MDA-South West Screen          Multi-Platform Across Continents Initiative”. Supported by the United Kingdom Trade and Investment, this Initiative encourages Singapore and British production and digital media companies to co-develop innovative concepts that leverages on different media and/or digital technologies, or platforms to maximise distribution and exposure of the intellectual property co-owned by the co-production partners.

​Encouraging more collaboration with Europe

7.        This year, we are pleased that representatives from Cine-Regio are here with us today. Representing 32 regional film funds from 12 European Union (EU) Member States, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland, Cine-Regio will provide opportunities for producers to collaborate with their Europe counterparts. We look forward to see more international collaborations between producers in Asia and Europe, creating New Asia Media.

Embracing new technolog​ies

8.        Singapore is also encouraging the adoption of new technologies that would revolutionize content production processes and enhance audience entertainment. Sparky Animation used a technology that they had developed with support from Singapore’s Interactive Digital Media Research &Development Programme Office, the “Crowd Animation System”, in the production of “Dinosaur Train”, their recent collaboration with The Jim Henson Company. This technology improved their animation production efficiency by at least 30%.

11.       In the field of stereoscopic feature film production, Singapore company Widescreen Media was instrumental in the production of “Amphibious 3D”, Southeast Asia’s first feature-length Stereoscopic 3D production. For a 3D experience at Asia Television Forum, I invite you to visit the Singapore Pavilion where you can see yourself in 3D at the professional 3D rig set up by Widescreen Media.

Singapore – Trusted Global Cap​ital for New Asia Media

13.      MDA is also pleased to partner World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the development of the WIPO Film ADR Scheme, in which ADR stands for alternative dispute resolution. Anchoring the WIPO Film ADR Scheme in Singapore supports Asia’s efforts to nurture a conducive environment for the creation, anchoring and exploitation of media assets and intellectual property.


15.       I am delighted to see an interesting line-up of presenters from different backgrounds from Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore and WIPO. I hope that you will come away with an enriching experience and vast network of contacts from your participation at the AMF Country Showcase.

16.       Thank you for participating in this seminar and for our overseas guests, I wish you a pleasant stay in Singapore

Last updated on: 13 Mar 2023