Your Excellencies,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants to the opening of the 12th Asia Television Forum, or ATF, hosted by MDA - the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

ATF continues to be a key conte​​nt market in Asia

2. ATF provides a key business platform in Asia for buyers and sellers in the TV, film and digital media industries to network and explore collaboration opportunities as well as to conduct businesses.

3. Last year, ATF secured close to US$150 million dollars worth of programming sales, an increase of 68 per cent from 2009. This year, ATF has attracted some 3,500 participants from more than 50 countries including China and France, the highest number the Forum has welcomed since its inception in year 2000. I am confident that ATF 2011 will continue to be a key content market in Asia, attracting media experts and bringing together the best content around the world for showcase and for trade.

The evolving broadcast lands​​cape

4. New technologies impact the global media industry, altering how media content is created, delivered and consumed by the increasingly mobile and technologically-savvy consumers. This year’s theme, “Evolve, Explore, Experience” aptly reflects how the media industry can meet the challenges oftoday’s evolving broadcast landscape. Let me share how the media industry can explore and tap on new technologies to enrich the media experiences of our audiences.

New technologies extend outreach of media content

5. We need to identify suitable media platforms to extend the outreach of media content so as to enhance viewers’ experiences. I am pleased that Singapore has introduced media services including 3DTV, on demand TV, interactive TV and mobile TV. From next year, Singapore’s Free-to-Air TV channels will also be streamed online, as Singapore prepares for over-the-air digital television transition to boost the audience’s viewing experiences.

Quality content engage audiences

6. Besides tapping on appropriate media platforms and devices, key to commercial success is the creation of compelling content to translate good stories and innovative ideas into quality content.

7. To this end, I am pleased to share that MDA, just three months ago, streamlined its funding schemes to better facilitate the production of quality content. In particular, I would like to highlight MDA’s funding support for innovative products – what we call three-sixty (360) content, content that cuts across various media platforms such as TV, web or mobile to engage the audience and provide a holistic experience. Angel’s Gate, Asia’s first reality TV series on business and entrepreneurship is a good example of a three-sixty programme that interacts with audiences on multiple platforms. This MDA-supported programme, co-produced by Interactive SG and regional broadcaster, Channel NewsAsia, enables viewers to simultaneously watch videos, participate in online crowd source funding activities and connect with a network of entrepreneurs while on the move.

8. Another project is Beach House Picture’s Hidden Cities. This innovative documentary series by the Singapore-based production house enables viewers to upload little known facts about their cities on an online portal. Some of these interesting nuggets of information are then featured on screen as the programme runs on. MDA has received encouraging feedback from delighted viewers who enjoyed such innovative engagement efforts with the audience. These are examples of how technology is successfully tapped on to engage audiences with quality media content, and I look forward to more of such innovative productions.

Music value-add to productions

9. No content is complete without music as music transforms a production, lifting it from the ordinary to the unforgettable. Today, Singapore has a group of artistes, composers, sound designers and music lyricists whose works are recognised and performed throughout the region, significantly value-adding to the quality of media productions. An exemplary example is set by local sound producer, Ricky Ho, who won the prestigious Golden Horse Award in November this year for “Best Original Music Score” in Taiwanese film "Warriors of The Rainbow: Seediq bale” (pronounced as “see-dick bah-le”).

10. I am also pleased that The Asia Academy of Music Arts &Sciences, a newly created regional music body, has selected Singapore as its base to promote Asian music to the world. The Academy aims to bring together like-minded music producers, composers, record companies and artistes to champion Asian music. Some of the well-known media personalities on the academy include industry veteran Quincy Jones;Kolleen Park who is among South Korea’s most prolific music directors;and Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore’s acclaimed jazz pianist and vocalist.


11. In closing, Singapore hopes to work with all our partners to achieve new milestones in the exciting times ahead in Asia’s media industry. We look forward to the many opportunities brought about by Asia’s expansion of media business transactions and market horizon. I also encourage you to drop by the Singapore pavilion to enjoy a sampling of Singapore content and explore collaboration opportunities with Singapore’s media companies.

12. I would also like to thank all participants for your continued support and I believe everyone will have a fruitful time at ATF 2011. To all overseas delegates, I wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Singapore.

Thank you.

Last updated on: 13 Mar 2023