Engaging the community is key to our mission. This way, we can better develop and regulate the fast-converging infocomm and media sectors to benefit both consumers and businesses.

The effort is multi-faceted. We help fund public service broadcasts, promote media literacy and encourage the adoption of infocomm technology (ICT) that affects everyday life. 

Central to our work is bridging the digital divide, because technology has to be inclusive and accessible to all. Our goal is a society where ICT is used as a powerful leveller to empower the elderly, needy and people with disabilities. Our ambition is to ensure that no one is left behind in an increasingly digitalised world. Access to digital skills and confidence in using technology is thus a priority for the Government.

Our decisions impact the community in many ways. This is a time when media consumers are also creators, when people’s digital lives are increasingly important. That is why we seek to educate and inform the public about media choices. 

At the same time, we work closely with the industry to classify content and formulate policy. This helps deliver a wide variety of media for consumption, while protecting the young from objectionable content.