IMDA aims to develop a vibrant media ecosystem in Singapore that comprises globally competitive talent and content companies in television broadcast, film, animation, games and online video.

From award-winning talent to internationally well-regarded content companies, Singapore talent and content companies have produced some of the most amazing content in the world. A lynchpin of IMDA's industry development strategy is to position Singapore as the gateway to Southeast Asia, creating more opportunities for international collaborations and 'Made-with-Singapore' productions. One notable example is Crazy Rich Asians, a project helmed by Warner Bros Studios (US) and supported by Singapore company, Infinite Studios, where there were 12 Singaporean/Singapore-based cast and close to 300 Singaporean and permanent resident crew members on the production.

Big international companies have also based their regional headquarters in Singapore, and bringing in globally-renowned expertise to the country. To support the development of digital content development capabilities in Singapore, IMDA has collaborated with international partners like Facebook and Disney to involve and support Singapore content talent and companies in the creation of multi-platform digital content for distribution on Facebook's and Disney's platforms. 

IMDA will continue to support and catalyse innovative content creation, and uplift the industry's capabilities, to ensure a vibrant media ecosystem in Singapore.

IMDA is currently working on a supplementary edition of the TV Brochure for 2022, to accompany the current 2021 edition.

Please see the selection criteria for Singapore content** titles below:

  1. Singapore content that will be exhibited and/or released as of the 2022 supplementary edition (i.e. November 2021 onwards)
  2. Singapore content that are in-development as of the 2022 supplementary edition (i.e. November 2021 onwards)
  3. Singapore content that have won accolades as of the 2022 supplementary edition (i.e. November 2021 onwards)

**Specific to the 2022 supplementary edition, Singapore content is defined as broadcast or episodic content (digital or traditional platform) that are helmed by Singapore media talents/content creators, or content driven by Singapore media/talent where the IP is created by Singapore but may have been produced/shot outside Singapore for an international audience, or co-productions that involve multi-national cast and crew, including Singapore talent. 

Should you have eligible titles and would like these to be include in the brochure, please write to by 8 November 2021. For all media brochures, please see our corporate publications page.

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Last updated on: 03 Nov 2021