PLEASE NOTE: The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 14 May 2021 that Singapore would enter Phase 2 – Heightened Alert from 16 May to 13 June 2021. Media companies with SSIC codes starting with 58 to 63 will continue their business activities.

All companies carrying out media content production activities must comply with the Mandatory Safety Rules for the Resumption of Content Production (1.12MB), dated 16 May 2021 (Version 4.2). Please check this page regularly for updates to the Mandatory Safety Rules.

From 16 May to 13 June 2021, companies should take note of the following rules:

(a) All content productions may proceed with no more than 15 personnel on location, including no more than 10 onscreen talent/performers (who may be unmasked if necessary), at any given time.


(b) Companies registered with IMDA may proceed with no more than 30 personnel on location, including no more than 10 onscreen talent/performers (who may be unmasked if necessary), at any given time.


(c) Filming or recording of “live” singing is allowed with no more than 2 singers (out of the 10 onscreen talent/performers) unmasked at any given time, and must observe a 2-metre safe distancing from the next person, for the following groups of companies:

  • Companies registered with IMDA per (b), who may proceed without any further action; OR
  • Companies not registered with IMDA, but are under SSIC codes beginning with 59, who are to notify IMDA using the form available under the Resources section of the Filming in Singapore page.

(d) Unmasking dispensations are to be kept strictly to the fixed cast of onscreen talent/performers (not interchangeable with other non-onscreen performing roles) for the entire production.


(e) No on-site audiences should be present on location; all personnel should comprise only talent/performers (i.e. cast), crew, and staff.


  • Click here (273.26KB) for the latest FAQ dated 16 May 2021 that complements the Mandatory Safety Rules.
  • Click here for the full advisory from IMDA.
  • Click here for the form to notify IMDA of your productions that involve filming or recording of “live” singing.
  • Click here for a printable infographic that can be used for your production (coming soon).

For a list of practical recommendations for media companies and professionals to follow, please refer to the Comprehensive Safety Measures available at either of the following:

For associated sectors engaged in audio/visual production such as photography, please refer to the Safety Protocol Guidelines published by the Professional Photographers Association (Singapore)


Over the years, Singapore’s multicultural and breath-taking landscape (8.93MB) has been showcased to the world through titles like Crazy Rich Asians, which landed Singapore in the international limelight when it broke box office records worldwide. Most recently, Singapore's futuristic architecture was used a filming location for episodes of Westworld's third season. 

With a unique blend of Asian and Western cultural influences, support from a world-class technical infrastructure, secure IP system and multilingual talent pool, Singapore is fully capable of supporting local and international filmmakers in their craft. 

For general information about filming in Singapore, please read our Guide To Filming (6.59MB), or write to for further enquiries.

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Last updated on: 17 May 2021