Contact: Willson Deng

With a mission to accelerate the digitisation of the global supply chain, Arcstone is a fast-growing manufacturing software company providing the tools for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Working with Arcstone, manufacturers gain better visibility and optimisation of their production processes. By digitally monitoring, maintaining and controlling manufacturing equipment and processes, they can better unlock the value of data.

Arcstone’s toolsets provide management and workers an intuitive and powerful solution for running their day-to-day operations, with the ability to visualise and optimise their facilities in real time.

arc.ops (Arcstone Operations Platform), a next-generation manufacturing execution system (MES), promises a modular, flexible and open platform that is able to rapidly integrate with IoT sensors, machines, ERPs, and mobile devices to quickly capture data across fully automated to fully manual processes in manufacturing.

Arcstone has successfully delivered their solutions to global and innovative companies across multiple industries, with arc.ops currently operating in facilities across Asia Pacific to power them towards the digital age of manufacturing.

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Last updated on: 16 Oct 2020