Cyber Intelligence House

Contact: Ilkka Jäättelä
Tel: +65 9642 8466

Category: Cybersecurity
Sub category: Digital Risk Protection

Cyber Intelligence House is a Singapore-based cyber security company that specialises in cyber exposure monitoring. They enable organisations to detect and respond to cyber exposure and prioritise their security resources.

Cyber Exposure Monitoring has three main elements: 

Exposed Information: Helping organisations to discover their exposed information and enable them to respond to emerging cyber exposure threats.

Vulnerable Assets: Visualise an organisation’s internet-facing assets from attacker’s perspective.

Continuous Penetration Testing: Continuously monitor changes in web-visible applications, APIs and microservices.

The in-house analyst team provides additional context to cyber exposure findings, conducts further investigations and provides additional remediation advice. They served a global customer base, 24x7 in 20 languages.

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Last updated on: 04 Dec 2020