Igloohome Product

Website: www.igloohome.co
Contact: Rahul Mehta
Tel: 9469 3278
Email: rahul@igloohome.co

Category: IoT
Sub category: Access Control

A maker of smart locks and lockboxes, Igloohome has developed technology that enables users to remotely manage access to a property through time-sensitive access PIN codes and Bluetooth keys.

Built for residential, commercial properties, facility and infrastructure management, it combines industry-first hardware and enterprise-grade software for scalable access management.

A mobile app enables users to grant, revoke and gain an overview of all lock activities easily. A dashboard for enterprise users makes it easy to manage many locks at one time.

With the technology, enterprises can streamline and simplify access control processes. Through detailed audits, it brings improved visibility, heightened control and accountability.

Igloohome products are now distributed in 90 countries, after having been awarded at numerous industry events at design contests.

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Last updated on: 05 Nov 2020