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Contact: Jasper Teo
Tel: 9450 4695

Virspatial Technology Singapore specialises in creating digital twins. Virspatial’s competency is in spatial computing technology, where they provide a full-stack, innovative and cutting-edge digital twin solution with many use cases globally, in the city planning, manufacturing (industry 4.0) and infrastructure management sectors.

Virspatial upgrades Human Machine Interface (HMI) into an unparalleled 3D space with AI/ML simulation algorithm and real-time data synchronisation. The solution integrates from over 200 different data source types (IOT, MES, ERP, GIS etc). Digital copies of an actual physical asset, process, infrastructure or ecosystem are created - to run simulations for its clients to make adjustments in real life. This helps businesses to improve their operations, transparency and cost management. 

Virspatial’s global strategic partners include Schneider Electric, Nokia, Baidu and Haier. Locally, they are working with ST Engineering, Huawei, Willowglen, Singtel, Arcstone, I-Spring and institutions such as NUS and NTU.

Last updated on: 27 Apr 2021