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BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres Scheme


To provide recognition to data centre operators that have successfully deployed Green Data Centre best practices and demonstrated superior energy and environmental performance, BCA and IMDA have developed the Green Mark scheme for Data Centres. The scheme comprises of a rating system which enables DCs to benchmark their degree of greenness with respect to their peers. Rating DCs in categories such as "Platinum", "GoldPLUS" and "Gold" provides the impetus for DC operators to track, manage and improve their energy efficiency performance to reduce operating cost and also improve the corporate branding.

BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres scheme comprises of a dedicated green building rating system for Data Centres (DCs) that is designed to encourage the adoption of energy efficient design, operation and management of data centres. The scheme is jointly developed by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and IDA with supporting partners from Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N) and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) in the US.

Using the performance based green building rating system it is possible to score the impact of green policies, systems and processes that are implemented at the DC. Based on the total score of the DC a final rating (Platinum, GoldPLUS or Gold) is provided that is valid for a period of 3 years and has to be renewed thereafter.

The rating system covers performance efficiencies in areas such as energy, water and environment, with a significantly higher emphasis placed on energy performance of the DC. The scheme covers both existing data centres and new data centres and applies to data centres that are housed in purpose built buildings as well as those that occupy just part of a larger building. The details of criteria and assessment process are available on BCA website at here.

List of certified Data Centres

DCs that have been successfully certified under BCA-IDA Green Mark for Data Centres are:

 Data Centre
 Data Centre Category
 Award / Year
 Abbott Laboratories- GIS Asia Pacific Regional Facility   New
 Gold / FY12
 Singapore Tourism Board Data Centre
 Existing  Gold / FY12
 Credit Suisse Regional Data Centre
 Existing  Platinum / FY12
 Equinix SG2  Existing  GoldPLUS / FY12
 Awan Data Centre  New  Gold / FY13
 Keppel T-27  New  Platinum / FY13
 Equinix SG1  New  Certified / FY13
 Pacnet SGCS2  Existing  GoldPLUS / FY14


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