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About IMconnected

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With IMconnected, you can join us to improve mobile connectivity.

IMconnected is a mobile application that improves mobile broadband user experience by collecting and assessing anonymised mobile phone data points such as broadband speed, latency and coverage on mobile cellular networks including 3G and 4G, as well as on Wi-Fi networks. These data points allow IMDA to evaluate mobile broadband performance and take measures to improve digital connectivity.

IMconnected is available for both iOS and Android users. Interested participants can download the mobile application by searching for "IMconnected" on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, or by clicking on the buttons below.

 Download the IMconnected mobile app on the AppStore and run the speed test today. Download the IMconnected mobile app on Google Play and run the speed test today.

Safeguarding consumer data

IMconnected, designed to run in the background of a mobile phone, collects and sends the following types of information to IMDA.

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Data Performance

1. Session throughput

2. Latency

3. Packet loss per session

4. Data volume utilised

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Voice Performance

1. Experienced network coverage

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Device Identifiers

1. Manufacturer and model

2. Operating System

3. Location information

All data collected are fully anonymised and protected. Users are encouraged to turn on the location feature of their mobile phones for improved accuracy of the data collected.

IMconnected does not collect information about your application usage. It also does not collect data such as:

  • Mobile number, IMEI and IMSI
  • Name, age, NRIC numbers and address
  • Photographs or video images from your phone
  • Personal email address or any online profiles 

For more information, learn more about how the IMconnected app improves quality of mobile experience for consumers (413.83KB) or the IMconnected privacy policy.

IMDA welcomes any feedback that could help improve the application. If you wish to share your feedback, please e-mail us at

IMconnected results

IMDA would like to thank everyone who has used IMconnected. Your participation has contributed to improving digital connectivity and mobile service experience in Singapore. As more users participate in IMconnected, the additional data points will lead to better accuracy in the evaluation.

IMconnected results are published twice a year. This information will help consumers make informed choices in their mobile broadband plans and encourage operators to improve consumer usage experience.

IMConnected Campaign Post

IMconnected Interactive Report

Check out this interactive report that maps usage experience form users' mobile phones such as signal strength, latency and coverage on cellular networks including 3G and Wi-Fi.

Learn more