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Digital Platforms

last updated 07 November 2017

Digitalisation is changing the dynamics in many sectors. Digital infrastructure, such as digital platforms are expected to be critical components to catalyse digital transformation of enterprises through the creation of connected digital ecosystems and help give rise to the next wave of disruptive innovation.

Call for Submission (CFS) for Digital Platforms

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is driving Singapore’s progress towards a Digital Economy for a Smart Nation, by collaborating with industry to drive sectoral digitalisation and catalyse the adoption of disruptive technologies through solutions with the potential to scale.

Platforms as the next disruptor

Technology-enabled, platform-driven ecosystems are expected to be critical components for digital transformation of enterprises and help give rise to the next wave of disruptive innovation, according to studies.

Such platforms utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate value for enterprises, and a McKinsey survey suggests that proactive AI adopters already have between three to 15 percent higher profit margins than their peers in most industry sectors.

Call for Submission for Digital Platforms - Submission Closed

IMDA believes that the adoption of AI and Data Science will be a cornerstone of sectoral digitalisation, and is thus interested in working with industry partners to catalyse adoption through platform-driven ecosystems. We are thus opening a Call for Submission (CFS), to gather pre-qualified industry proposals on the matter.

The call for submission has now closed.

Pre-Qualification Shortlist

The following pre-qualification proposals (in alphabetical order) have been shortlisted to proceed to the next stage of the CFS:

  1. CMS Data Technology Pte. Ltd.
  2. DataStreamX Pte Ltd
  3. EPOS Pte. Ltd.
  4. M1 Limited
  5. Sentient.io Pte Ltd
  6. Singapore Telecommunications Limited
  7. StarHub Ltd
  8. Surbana Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Enquiries on this programme may be directed to: DEPlatform@imda.gov.sg