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last updated 03 November 2017

To ensure Singapore's continued leadership in infocomm, IMDA identifies strategic infocomm technologies and works with the relevant players in industry and government in areas such as policy, regulation, manpower development, technology pilots, and trend mapping.

IMDA engages industry, academia, end-users and other stakeholders in the infocomm ecosystem to identify significant trends in the infocomm landscape and develop a Infocomm Technology Roadmap that charts the national infocomm blueprint for the future.

Under the fifth and latest roadmap, IMDA expects to see new developments arising from the confluence of innovations that will bring about greater convenience for end-users, and the emergence of a new eco-system of hardware, software, and systems-level players that exploit sentient spaces.

There will also be tremendous opportunities for the infocomm industry, and multi-disciplinary research around infocomm will become the key focus of R&D. IMDA will continue to develop industry-relevant programmes that bridge R&D labs and industry, to help Singapore keep abreast of future directions and trends, identify business opportunities and strengthen its competitive advantage.

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