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Technology Roadmap

last updated 26 July 2018

The Infocomm Technology Roadmap charts the vision and trends of the technology landscape in Singapore to keep businesses and the infocomm industry informed of the latest infocomm developments and help them identify emerging infocomm technologies that will give Singapore a competitive edge in exploiting business and economic opportunities.

August 2015

Overview of Technology Roadmap in Infocomm Media 2025 (ICM 2025) Report

Making it Possible: Technologies to Power Us ahead

The ICM 2025 Report enables and complements the Singapore Smart Nation vision. The Infocomm Media Masterplan Steering Committee was set up in June 2013 to facilitate discussion on the technology capabilities and innovation opportunities as outlined in Chapter 6 of ICM 2025 Report.

An overview of the Technology Roadmap in the Report highlighted the six technology areas that will play a significant role in facilitating the emergence of many of the solutions we envisage.

Download the ICM 2025 Report for more details.

Download Chapter 6: Making it Possible: Technologies to Power Us ahead

Technology and R&D Roadmap details

Six technologies areas for public and private sector organisations have been previously identified to help them understand the respective market opportunities, challenges, adoption enablers, inhibitors. This enables better navigation through the infocomm landscape and will lead to innovations that will help Singapore overcome our national challenges.

 Title Date Issued
October 2015

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