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Technology Roadmap

last updated 22 May 2018

The Infocomm Technology Roadmap charts the vision and trends of the technology landscape in Singapore to keep businesses and the infocomm industry informed of the latest infocomm developments and help them identify emerging infocomm technologies that will give Singapore a competitive edge in exploiting business and economic opportunities.

Publication of Infocomm Technology Roadmap 2012 Executive Summary Booklet

11 April 2013

IDA held the ITR 2012 Symposium on 17th August 2012 to facilitate discussion on the technologies and the innovation opportunities outlined in the roadmap. Through this engagement and the subsequent public consultation, we were able to gain more industry insights through the feedbacks. These inputs were subsequently incorporated into the final ITR 2012 report.

This handbook provides an executive summary of the nine technology themes in ITR 2012. Interested readers are encouraged to download the finalised ITR reports (see below) for more details on each of the themes.

Publication of Infocomm Technology Roadmap 2012

30 November 2012

The IDA Infocomm Technology Roadmap (ITR) 2012 has identified nine technology themes so that public and private sector organisations can understand the respective market opportunities, challenges, adoption enablers, inhibitors and navigate through the infocomm landscape and create value for their organisations, customers and stakeholders.

IDA would like to thank all parties who had joined us in the co-creation process by contributing your insights, feedback and suggestions as we chart the directions for the next lap of Singapore's infocomm technology journey. We would like to acknowledge your invaluable participation.

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 30 Nov 2012

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 4th Infocomm Technology Roadmap 26 November 2002
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 3th Infocomm Technology Roadmap
 28 February 2002
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