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iSPRINT Funding For Customised Solutions

last updated 28 November 2016

The iSPRINT scheme makes it easy and convenient for SMEs to seek assistance in infocomm adoption by supporting them in the use of pre-qualified packaged solutions or customised solutions that will help them in their business.

If you are planning to implement an infocomm solution* to improve your business operations, you can contact IMDA to get advice on the assistance that is suitable for your infocomm project.

Alternatively, you can send the following documents to IMDA for a preliminary consultation, through email: isprint@imda.gov.sg
  • Business Proposal (refer to template below)
  • Latest ACRA business profile of your company, parent company (if any) and/or subsidiary (if any)
  • Latest ACRA business profile of your appointed ICT Solution Provider
  • Audited financial statements of your company for the last 2 years
  • ICT Consultants' CVs/Track record
  • Quotations - strongly encouraged to source for multiple quotations from different ICT Solution Providers to ascertain that identified solution is value-for-money
*Note: Project must not have commenced prior to proposal approval by IMDA and ISPRINT support will only be given to development works that are carried out locally.

What does iSPRINT cover?

INTERMEDIATE Packaged Solutions
  • Software / Subscription / Pay-per-use / Consultancy Cost / Training Cost
Grant: Up to 70% of qualifying costs, capped at $20,000
  • Consultancy Cost / Training Cost
  • Software / Subscription / Pay-per-use / Manpower Cost / Hardware (depending on scale and impact of project)
Grant: Up to 70% of qualifying costs, on case-by-case basis

Application Process for Customised Solutions

  1. Complete business proposal 
  2. Submit to IMDA for assessment
  3. Complete application form issued by IMDA
  4. Receive approval by IMDA
  5. Purchase and implement solution
  6. Submit claims with supporting documents

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