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last updated 30 October 2018

Innovation is critical in developing Singapore to a leading Digital Economy. We envision a Smart Nation where innovative ideas can flourish and solutions centric on making lives better can be developed.

From building an innovative community to assisting companies in developing multi-disciplinary expertise, IMDA has various facilities and programmes to enhance and support the industry’s innovative capability to enable them to build new and innovative products.

  • Data Innovation

    Technology has enabled data collection and analysis on an unprecedented scale. With modern data technology tools and techniques, companies are able to collect data about all aspects of their operations, in some cases, in real time. This provides the opportunity for companies to be nimbler and more responsive than ever before, enabling them to make better business decisions. Data also generates new, transformative business opportunities for companies.Read more

    In propelling Singapore’s digital economy to the next stage of development, the PIXEL facility at One-North aims to grow the innovation community, equipping infocomm-media (ICM) talent and companies to collaborate and build industry-leading digital solutions, that address international opportunities.Read more
  • PIXEL Labs@NLB

    With a nurturing and encouraging environment, and through its many activities, PIXEL Labs@NLB ignites a bold passion for innovative thinking and experimentation by encouraging passionate individuals to get hands on with the latest applications such as microcontroller-based prototyping platform and 3D printing or by taking part in robotics-based challenges. Read more
  • Open Innovation Platform

    The Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects problem owners and problem solvers, enabling enterprises with complex business challenges to develop innovative solutions by collaborating with start-ups, companies and research institutes with ICM expertise in different fields.Read more