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Programmes and Grants

last updated 23 October 2018

As a promoter of the infocomm and media sectors, IMDA provides a wide range of programmes and grants to empower enterprises, individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and startups alike.

Aimed at boosting capabilities, they seek to provide the vital first step or next level up for recipients looking to take their business or talent to new heights.

For enterprises, IMDA provides industry development assistance to boost areas such as cloud, data analytics and infocomm security. It also offers help to media companies in terms of development and product assistance, among other schemes.

For individuals, IMDA provides research grants and scholarships, as well as mentorship. This cuts across both infocomm and media sectors, with assistance aimed at infocomm professionals as well as media talents.

IMDA also looks to drive the adoption of ICT in SMEs, for example, in fibre broadband. For SMEs in the media field, IMDA provides grants to hire and train new talent, among other efforts at promoting the sector.

Those looking to run a startup can also look to IMDA for assistance. From accreditation that gives a local ICT startup a fair shot at government tenders to national awards that recognise the use of ICT, programmes and grants provide startups vital incentives to flourish in Singapore.

  • Enterprises

    IMDA has put in place various programmes and grants specific to enterprises, which are an important constituent of Singapore’s infocomm and media ecosystem. Read more
  • Individuals

    IMDA has put in place an array of initiatives designed to help infocomm and media professionals level up their skillsets and broaden their competencies. Read more
  • Small and Medium Enterprises

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a vital cog to both the infocomm and media sectors as well as the Singapore economy. Read more
  • Startups

    IMDA has put in place a range of schemes to nurture local infocomm tech enterprises and supporting them in their internationalisation efforts. Read more