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last updated 03 November 2017

IMDA has put in place various programmes and grants specific to enterprises, which are an important constituent of Singapore’s infocomm and media ecosystem.

  • AI Business Partnership Programme

    To encourage and facilitate AI adoption among businesses in Singapore to transform businesses, IMDA is implementing an AI Business Partnership Programme (AIBPP), a guided process to pair local companies with potential problem statements with AI solutions providers.Read more
  • Cloud

    IMDA's cloud vision is to sharpen the overall economic competiveness of Singapore through catalysing demand and adoption in key industry verticals, as well as driving the creation of new products to address business needs, and developing manpower capabilities.Read more
  • Infocomm-Workforce

    Guided by the Infocomm Manpower Development Roadmap v2.0, IMDA seeks to develop talent with deep infocomm skills and the ability to exploit infocomm for sectoral transformation.Read more
  • New Talent Feature Grant

    Singapore Film Commission (SFC) ​provides funding for directors to produce their first or second feature films.Read more
  • Development Assistance

    ​Good ideas and stories are important as a first step to any ​strong media product or offering. IMDA helps companies come up with compelling stories and ideas that can be developed and subsequently, be ready for production.Read more
  • Production Assistance

    Production Assistance encourages media productions that highlight Singapore talents in credited roles. IMDA will support up to 40% of a project’s qualifying expenses that are directly linked to the project and contribute significantly to the development of Singapore.Read more
  • Marketing Assistance

    ​​​Marketing Assistance helps media companies market their productions to their target audience and grow overseas demand for Singapore-produced content.​ Read more
  • Talent Assistance

    Talent Assistance provides funding support for the capability development of media practitioners, in line with IMDA’s policy intent to grow a strong Singapore core of media talents in a flourishing media industry.Read more