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last updated 23 April 2019

IMDA has put in place various programmes and grants specific to enterprises, which are an important constituent of Singapore’s infocomm and media ecosystem.

  • Data Collaborative Programme

    To support and grow industry operators by implementing and managing mechanisms that allow for safe and economically-sustainable data sharing.Read more
  • Data Protection Trustmark Certification

    To help businesses increase their competitive advantage and build consumer trust, IMDA has launched the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification to help organisations demonstrate sound and accountable data protection practices.Read more
  • Infocomm-Workforce

    Guided by the Infocomm Manpower Development Roadmap v2.0, IMDA seeks to develop talent with deep infocomm skills and the ability to exploit infocomm for sectoral transformation.Read more
  • Development Assistance

    Development Assistance provides funding for the development of innovative prototypes / pilot content of original IPs, integrating the use of data and/or digital technologies. Read more
  • New Talent Feature Grant

    The New Talent Feature Grant (NTFG) encourages first and second-time directors to launch their careers in filmmaking by helping them make films for different platforms, including cinemas, film festivals, broadcast, video-on-demand, or online platforms.Read more
  • Production Assistance

    Production Assistance provides funding for productions with original IPs that highlight Singapore talents in credited roles, and infuse data and/or digital technologies into content for distribution on new and/or digital platforms. Read more
  • Talent Assistance

    Talent Assistance provides funding support for the capability development of media practitioners, in line with IMDA’s policy intent to grow a strong Singapore core of media talents in a flourishing media industry.Read more