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ICM Vendors

last updated 20 September 2018

Infocomm Media (ICM) vendors play a key role in the SMEs Go Digital programme.

ICM Vendors with ready digital solutions proven to deliver productivity gains to SMEs are invited to submit their solutions to be pre-approved under the programme. 

Evaluation Criteria: 

To be pre-approved under the programme, ICM vendors will be evaluated on the vendor's capacity and capability; as well as whether their solutions meet the requirements of target sectors.

ICM Vendors can download and complete the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist for the following sectors to determine if their digital solutions are eligible for pre-approval under SMEs Go Digital.

  1. Generic Solutions (applicable to all sectors)
  2. Environmental Services Sector Solutions
  3. Food Services Sector Solutions
  4. Logistics Sector Solutions
  5. Retail Sector Solutions
  6. Security Sector Solutions
  7. Tourism Sector Solutions
  8. Wholesale Sector Solutions

ICM Vendors may proceed to submit the completed Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist and supporting documents to SMEs_Go_Digital@imda.gov.sg.

Pre-Approval Process: 

ICM Vendors may refer to the SMEs Go Digital Programme Guidelines, Terms and Conditions to take part in the programme. A summary of the pre-approval process is illustrated below.

ICM Vendors Pre-approval Process

1 IMDA conducts monthly Vendor Briefings to share details on the SMEs Go Digital programme. For more information on the upcoming briefings, click here.

2 Application form will be released to shortlisted vendors ONLY. It takes approximately 2 to 3 months to process and notify the vendor on the outcome of the application.