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ICM Vendors

last updated 21 February 2019

Infocomm Media (ICM) vendors play a key role in the SMEs Go Digital programme.

ICM Vendors with ready digital solutions proven to deliver productivity gains to SMEs are invited to submit their solutions to be pre-approved under the programme. 

Evaluation Criteria: 

To be pre-approved under the programme, ICM vendors will be evaluated on the vendor's capacity and capability; as well as whether their solutions meet the requirements of target industries.

ICM Vendors can download and complete the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist for the following industries to determine if their digital solutions are eligible for pre-approval under SMEs Go Digital.

Industry SolutionVersion Publish Date 
 Generic (applicable to all industries) 18-3.0.1 24 January 2019
 Early Childhood 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Environmental Services 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Food Services 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Legal 18-4.0  22 February 2019 
 Logistics 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Media 18-3.0.1 21 December 2018
 Retail 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Sea Transport 18-3.1  24 January 2019
 Security 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Tourism 18-3.0 21 December 2018
 Wholesale Trade 18-3.01 1 February 2019


ICM Vendors may proceed to submit the completed Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist and supporting documents to SMEs_Go_Digital@imda.gov.sg.

Pre-Approval Process: 

ICM Vendors may refer to the SMEs Go Digital Programme Guidelines, Terms and Conditions to take part in the programme. A summary of the pre-approval process is illustrated below.

ICM Vendors Pre-approval Process

1 IMDA conducts monthly Vendor Briefings to share details on the SMEs Go Digital programme. For more information on the upcoming briefings, click here.

2 Application form will be released to shortlisted vendors ONLY. It takes approximately 2 to 3 months to process and notify the vendor on the outcome of the application.