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last updated 28 November 2016

The infocomm sector is one of two important sectors that the IMDA promotes and regulates. A dynamic sector that involves fast moving startups as well as large multinationals, its impact is felt across multiple industries.

As every company becomes a technology company in a digitally disrupted world, IMDA seeks to draw on infocomm technologies as a fuel for Singapore’s engine of growth. Key to this is harnessing the capabilities that ICT provides.

IMDA has initiated various programmes aimed at driving ICT adoption in important verticals in the Singapore, to transform businesses to be globally competitive.

For example, in education, IMDA explores the innovative use of emerging technologies to enrich the learning experience. With financial services, key IMDA programmes help entrench Singapore’s reputation as a trusted gateway.

By promoting the use of ICT, IMDA also seeks to link up the healthcare sector, as well as trade and logistics, and tourism, hospital and retail, enabling organisations to boost their capabilities in a rapidly changing economy.

  • Education

    IMDA explores innovative use of emerging technologies to enrich the learning experience and enhance the teaching quality, for the whole education continuum, from early childhood through to adult learning. Read more
  • Financial Services

    IMDA aims to position Singapore as a trusted gateway to the emerging Asian market and an innovative hub for financial services, powered by infocomm.Read more
  • Healthcare and Wellness

    Infocomm media technologies opens up new possibilities for integrating healthcare data to allow better management of patients, and empower people to manage their own health. IMDA explores ways in which technologies can bring about these outcomes, as our rapidly aging population and limited manpower continue to exert pressures on our healthcare system.Read more
  • Logistics

    IMDA explores innovative use of existing and disruptive technologies to address sector issues and provide a sustainable ecosystem in targeted areas of focus in Urban Logistics and International Trade & Logistics.Read more
  • Retail

    IMDA explores innovative use of technologies to enhance and empower the retail industry to expand their customer base not just domestically but also regionally and globally. Build and adopt the right kind of ICM technologies and expertise that will develop intelligence of the digital customers.Read more